Classic Facebook Settings Mode | How to Switch Back to Using Classic Facebook


The largest social media platform in the world is Facebook and with other subsidiaries like Whatsapp and Instagram. Facebook still remains the most popular and widely used by social media users worldwide.

Facebook started as a website that is restricted to browsers but with time, Facebook users have begun to enjoy the use of different web apps like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite and Messenger. This simplifies the user’s experience and interaction. For example, Facebook users can use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends only.

With time, Facebook became a household name and this lead to certain improvements and updates. The usage of Facebook is not only restricted to expressing views and chatting alone but shopping with the marketplace portal. Recently, Facebook upgraded its website and this has been dubbed ‘new Facebook’. This is different from the ‘classic Facebook’ which is quite different from the ‘New Facebook’. The new Facebook, to some users, is very minimalist and has none of the features the classic Facebook has. For users, who may still want to use the classic Facebook Features, there is a way to switch back to the classic Facebook features. If you intend to switch to the classic Facebook features, this article is for you. Classic Facebook mode

As you log into your Facebook account, it is most likely that you have been requested by Facebook to sample the new Facebook interface.

A lot of people have made the switch to the new Facebook and prefer it while others would rather stick to the old Facebook and want to switch to the classic Facebook mode.

Some of the Fan of the classic Facebook mode are not aware of how to make the switch back to the classic mode. This article will enlighten you and show you how to make the switch to the old Facebook mode.

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Classic Facebook Mode

The classic Facebook mode is referred to as the ‘old Facebook’ and is popular with a lot of Facebook users and has not yet gone out of fashion.

The new Facebook mode is Facebook’s design to directly replace the classic Facebook mode. The idea is to redefine the Facebook experience for Facebook users across the world.

A lot of Facebook users today have been trying out the new Facebook mode and have shared their experiences with the New Facebook mode though, the reception has been mixed.

New Facebook Mode

If you do a changeover from the classic Facebook mode, you will notice that it can get overwhelmingly unimpressive at first glance for some. The ‘Facebook stories’ is at the top, above where you can type in ‘what’s on your mind’. You can also clearly see your friends who are active or online. The friends who are online still have a green indication and a visible icon.

You will also notice that the shortcut us at the left side of the space rail and the site interface is now a bit similar to Pinterest (Though that is open to debate).

So, Facebook totally redesigned the Facebook interface and there is a more minimalistic ones for Facebook users. It has the official dark mode feature for Facebook. So you don’t have to look elsewhere for dark mode features because it is built-in.

There is a complete change on the icon design and positions, so as to enable lightweight browsing experience and enjoyable UX.

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If you notice all the pages loads quickly and the news feed features have undergone a major change and redesign.

How to Switch Back to the Old Facebook Mode

If you’re using New Facebook, you can switch back to Classic Facebook at any time. Follow the steps below to switch back to the classic Facebook mode.

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Switch to Classic Facebook

How to Switch Again to Classic (New) Facebook Mode

  1. Step 1: Open Facebook on your computer and Log in.
  2. Step 2: On the home page, click the Menu (Down arrow option) in the top-right corner.
  3. Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select Switch to New Facebook.

That’s all on Classic Facebook Mode.

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    • Same with me! And I’ve sent FB feedback messages asking them to change mine back and have heard nothing!!! I’m so pissed about this, as I can’t find anything.

  1. I had the option earlier tonight and decided to try the new site out first. Now, the option is gone! Figures!

  2. I was changed to the new Facebook without being asked and I don’t like it. I have sent numerous messages asking how to change back to the Classic Facebook as I don’t have the option to “Switch to Classic” in the menu box. So far no response.

  3. I, too, have sent FB numerous comments telling them that the Switch back to Classic FB option is not available. I absolutely hate the new look

  4. I was in the new facebook, and dome how got switched to an Iphone version–ON MY HP LAPTOP!!!!! how do I fix this to go back to what I had 5 minutes ago?

  5. The old facebook is gone you can not switch back so I can not renew the things I selling on marketplace if any one finds another way please let me know

  6. I too was not asked to switch to the New facebook and now there is no option to switch back to classic fb. I hate this new facebook, it doesn’t have what I liked from the old way. How dare you take my freedom of choice away. Facebook- You should allow your loyal customers to choose. How hard is it to have the button and allow those who wish to use the new fb click it and those who wish to stay with the classic fb just don’t click it…. simple….


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