Dating on Facebook – Download Facebook Meta Dating App For Singles | Facebook Dating 2022

Facebook Dating: A section of Facebook that facilitates meeting and starting new conversations with people who share your interests.

How do I access Facebook Dating from the Facebook app?

If you are eligible to use Facebook Dating, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your mobile device’s Facebook app.

2. Tap .

3. Select Dating.

You can then create a Dating profile. You can also access Dating by typing “Facebook Dating” into your Facebook app’s search bar and tapping the Facebook Dating shortcut.

*Please keep in mind that dating is only available on the Facebook apps for Android and iPhone. Dating will not be available on your computer.

Dating on Facebook – Facebook Dating App For Singles | Facebook Dating 2022. Dating in Facebook App Download US – Dating on Facebook | Facebook Dating App Download Free.

The good news for all Facebook users is that owing to a recently introduced feature called Dating on Facebook, they can finally meet their soulmates on the social media platform. You’ve already missed a lot if this is the first time you’ve heard it.

The function was made official last year, and it is currently only available on Facebook. To put it another way, there is no way to obtain this site without going via Facebook.

Users who use the dating tool can create a profile that is completely distinct from their regular Facebook profile. This profile provides more information about each member of the dating service to other members.

Also, based on the dates, singles can easily connect and entangle with other singles who are eager for a relationship that will finally lead to marriage.

Don’t be mistaken that your friends on your main Facebook account will have access to your dating profile because that is not possible unless they have been matched with you on the dating site.

Facebook Dating Site Free App

Dating features and apps are known to match users online, by so doing,  it makes it much easier for users to find love on the Facebook platform. This app presents dating in a more interesting manner with lots of features as well as benefits online.

Many questions have been asked about how much it will cost to have a dating account on the Facebook platform. The answer is that Facebook dating is totally free and therefore has no charges attached in case you want to subscribe to it.

In fact, there are three major limitations to using this app. These include: residing in a country that has not been granted access to the dating feature; being lower than age 18; and not using an updated Facebook mobile app. Apart from this, you have no other problem so make sure you are qualified before venturing into it.

What is Facebook Dating and how does it work?

To use Facebook Dating, go to the home screen of the Facebook mobile app and tap the three lines in the lower right-hand corner. To develop a dating account on Facebook, go to the Dating page and sign in (separate from your main profile).

You will be able to enter personal information such as your gender, nationality, occupation, credentials and schooling, and whether or not you have kids, among other things. When constructing your dating account, Facebook may recommend pictures and information from your FB account, which you can modify or delete.

To use Facebook Dating, you must be at least 18 years old.

Finding a compatible partner

Facebook Dating will prompt you to choose your gender and the gender(s) of the users you want to match with on the service throughout the signup process. You’ll see gender identities such as cis woman, trans woman, cis man, trans man, and non-binary person, as well as the opportunity to choose if you’re attracted to everybody, women, men, trans women, or trans men. Potential matches will not be given any of this information.

Only those who have signed into Facebook Dating will be presented to you, and they will be depending on your preferences, hobbies, and “other activities you engage in on Facebook” You’ll run into friends of friends as well as people who aren’t in your friend network.

Until you both select each other from your “Secret Crush” list, Facebook Dating will not connect you to your Facebook friends.

Facebook Dating App Near Me

Facebook dating has not yet launched in all countries of the universe. The few countries that have been granted access to the site can use the app, while Facebook has provided an improvise for countries that do not have access to the site yet.

These improvise provided by Facebook are Facebook dating groups. Therefore, if your country does not have a dating feature, you can go ahead and search for dating groups and join one.

Facebook Dating Available

If you want to be sure that the Facebook dating feature or app is available in your country, quickly head to the top of your Facebook newsfeed or homepage, and you will find a dating notice there.

Better still, take your eyes to the top of your Facebook profile. If your country has access to Facebook dating, you will find a shaped heart icon. You should click on it, which will direct you to where you can date on Facebook but if it is not there, it indicates that your country has not yet been granted access.

Create A Facebook Account

You must have a Facebook account first before you can access the dating feature. without an account, you cannot be able to access the Facebook site. and there are certainly no two ways about that. Do you want to start dating on Facebook? it’s easy! All you have to do right now is to follow the processes below and get your account.

Now you have gotten your account. from here, you will find other instructions you have to follow for your account to be open.

How to Log in to Facebook

Did you create a Facebook account following the processes that I have listed above? if you have, then you still have something to know about the account.

Congrats, your account is now open, so you can access this account whenever you go and whenever you want to.

How to Start Dating on Facebook

Facebook has made a very surprising service on its site, that has been made official for Facebook users. There are millions of people out there who have marked themselves on the single list. So clearly, you can also get connected too! Here’s how dating on Facebook works:

Facebook Dating Profile

Create a Facebook account and log in. On your profile, you will find an icon, taking the shape of a heart. Click on it and you will be referred to the dating home.

Here, you will have to set up a profile that is different from your main Facebook profile. You should know that your Facebook friends will not see this. It’s safe!

You can now search for people, groups, and events that may be of interest to you. your profile will then be shared with others, and you can begin a private message with anyone of your choice. It is just as simple as that!

Dating on Facebook Tips

Keep updating your profile

If you haven’t revised your Fb account since 2012, it’s likely that it doesn’t reflect your online identity any longer. Things can change dramatically in a matter of months, much less even years. You should update your profile to reflect the most recent version of yourself.

Updating your hometown, job, hobbies, and other areas will help with potential dates, signifying that you share similar interests. Give a detailed and accurate description of who you are. Exaggerating or over-inflating oneself is not a good idea, and lying about yourself will only damage you in the long term.

Often, people strive to portray themselves as someone they are not in order to get what they want. Be transparent and upfront about your occupation, hobbies, favourite books and films, and pastimes so that anyone considering going out with you is aware of who you are and what to prepare for. A clear understanding of who you are is a fantastic place to start when crafting a Facebook profile that will help you progress in the dating scene.

Remember that there are over 2.8 billion Facebook users on the planet, giving everyone a multitude of choices when it comes to finding a new partner or lover. As a result, having an honest and engaging profile will help you stand out among a sea of competitors.

Have a beautiful-looking profile picture

Although your photo is technically part of your profile, it is vital that it ought to be listed separately. While your Facebook page has a wealth of information about you, your name and picture are the first things people notice.

Your profile picture should be attractive and reflect your personal style. Above all, though, it must be genuine. With a photo from two decades ago, you could get more dates, but those dates are unlikely to progress to a relationship because you began it with deception. No one wants to go into a relationship based on false pretences. Keep this in mind while picking a profile photo.

Best Alternatives to Facebook Dating


If you’re not ready for an in-person date just yet,

You only have 24 hours, and the first word — should there be any pressure? Bumble defies the unspoken dating rule that women expect to be pursued – the ball is now in their court. They’ve also added video chat and voice calls to the app (again, the woman initiates contact), so if you’re still looking for a virtual date, give Bumble a try. If you want to see how everyone compares, ask the same three questions to everyone and treat it like a hiring process, or if you’re feeling adventurous, ask “virtual drinks Thursday?”


Getting a sense of someone’s personality (along with their appearance) at first glimpse

Hinge allows you to personalize your profile by adding three essential pieces of personal data, saying that this would help you find something more genuine. You can learn a lot about your possible companions by looking at their profiles, but there’s a price.

It comes with the added obligation of seeming smart, amusing, and effortlessly charming. Plus, the responses may become stale – we understand that people despise sluggish walkers. Importantly, you may upload videos to your profile for moments like this so that your matches can get a true sense of your personality.

But, more importantly, the new Hinge ‘Date from Home’ option lets you notify your match whenever you are ready for a virtual date, but they can’t be sure until they’ve done the same. As you switch to a digital date, avoid embarrassment by putting your dazzling fluency in irony to one side.


There are countless possibilities.

Tinder is without a doubt one of the most popular and crowded apps, and it has revolutionized the way we romance. Tinder is the place to go if you’re looking for an array of choices.

It features an option called Loops that allows you to view GIFs of possible matches, which could be useful for screening out catfishers before setting up a video date.