Download Facebook Dating App – Free Facebook Dating for Singles

Download Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating is Free for Singles: Hello there! How effectively do you use your Facebook account? Do you know you can date on the platform? Let’s take a look at how.

Facebook Dating App Download – Facebook Dating is Free for Singles

Facebook Dating App Download – Facebook Dating is Free for Singles

The Meta team has introduced a new feature on the Facebook site to aid singles in connecting and dating.

The app lets people find their specs on the site with their preferred complexion, geographical area and locality.

This is possible because everyone signing up for the dating feature provides his or her details which aid Facebook in matching lovers.

With the dating feature, you don’t have to worry about having a crush on someone who isn’t single because everyone on the dating site is assumed to be single ( that is the major criterion for signing up for the site).

If you are single and searching for a date, you should embrace this great opportunity Facebook provides you.

 Facebook Dating is Totally Free

This feature relies most especially on dating preferences, mutual friends, groups, and events attended on Facebook to join potential matches.

One of the best qualities of the feature is that it is free. Start dating now from the social media platform using the FB platform.

At the time of launching this feature, the Facebook (Meta) company gained over $3 billion in the dating industry with stiff competition from apps such as OK cupid, tinder, and bumble.

According to the founder and CEO of the company, the feature is not for hookups but to build meaningful, long-term relationships.

Countries that Can Acess the Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook Dating feature was disclosed in the annual conference held in 2018 (the 8 developer conference).

Although the services were not fully announced at the conference, attendants were told that more information would be passed soon.

Facebook dating was first available in Colombia in 2018. Users forwarded the establishment of this feature as it was still in the development stage of the test.

At the time, the company said it will become one of the prominent parts of the existing Facebook if the test went well.

During the second expansion, the feature was launched in Canada and Thailand and alongside 14 other new countries. These countries include Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname.

This Facebook dating feature was partially launched in the USA in late 2019. The service has been in Colombia, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico for years.

It allows users to connect with others all over the world.

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Facebook Dating App

Is there a separate app for Facebook dating? Well, this feature that the Meta company creates has its own signup page inside all the Facebook app. Hence, there is no separate app for dating but the Facebook Dating App is a feature inside the Facebook app.

Simply put, Facebook dating is a service and feature that is in the existing Facebook app. Therefore, in reality, the app is an inside app in the list of all FB apps.

The only difference is that it is not available in all places as the company is still launching the service in other new locations.

Individuals in any of the countries where the FB dating feature is already available must set up a different and separate profile to participate in the dating feature.

How To Sign Up for Facebook Dating Profile Account

Do you want to know how Facebook dating works? Well, that is one question a lot of people keep on asking. Here’s how it works…

Within the regular Facebook app, the Facebook dating feature is available for 18 years users and older people. The fact that Facebook is already a part of people’s lives whether they are looking for a date or not makes things a bit unusual.

On the side of the company, they are trying to clear this confusion by making dating as separate as possible from the regular app.

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Access Dating from your current Facebook account on the Android or iPhone apps.

The first step to using Facebook Dating is creating your profile.

To create your Facebook Dating profile:

In Facebook Dating, you can send likes and messages to interested people. Once someone likes you back, you’ll match and can start chatting on the Facebook Dating App platform.

Are there other Free Dating Apps like Facebook Dating?

Yes, there are. Let’s take a look at them


Fdating is completely free to use, and you may even view profiles without creating your own; however, you must log in to send a message.

Once you’ve logged on, there’s no need to pay anything as the website is free.

In your profile, you may pick the age bracket of the people you want to meet, and you can also see when prospective matches were last active online, saving you from texting dead accounts.


eLoveDates specialises in worldwide dating and guarantees that all of the site’s services will remain completely free. So, if you’re seeking a holiday romance in advance, this could be the book for you.


Browsing profiles and sending messages on Mingle2 is 100% free. It doesn’t have to be all about romance; you may also use the service to meet new people.

Furthermore, profiles are regulated, and you can easily blacklist anyone you do not wish to communicate with.

Match Me Happy

You may sign up, create a profile, and send open messages for free on Match Me Happy, and you can choose your portion of the site based on your location.

As a free member, you can make a favorites list (similar to advancing to the next round of the X-Factor) and send unlimited ‘winks,’ but you’ll have to pay to keep utilizing the instant messaging.


It’s ideal for people who have moved on from Tinder.

Everyone knows someone who uses Match since it provides a lighthearted yet important alternative to sites that are entirely centered on marriage.

The Positive

The Negative


People who want to get married go to eharmony because of its good track record and detailed matching score.

The Positive

The Negative

Facebook Dating Groups

Facebook Dating Groups are also available for you to connect with singles all over the world.

Search for Facebook groups that are relevant to your hobbies, such as a group tailored to a single genre of music or a trekkers’ group.

This is a great strategy to find people that appreciate your interests, opening the path for a long-term connection.

There are plenty of Facebook groups, so there’s no reason you can’t discover one that’s just right for you.

According to the most recent data, Facebook has over 620 million unique groups to join. Whether you are a movie buff, a chef, a non-fiction reader, or a cross-fit enthusiast, you will find something for you.

There really certainly is something for everyone.

Joining a Group on Facebook will result in many interesting discussions and increased interest in your chosen topic. However, it is possible that it will lead to some relationships with everyone else.

These relationships could be friendly or amorous. If you connect with someone through these Facebook groups, you can be confident that you share at least one common interest.

Finding someone to date who shares your interests through Facebook groups is a terrific approach to beginning a new relationship. Just make sure you join a few groups that you’re passionate about.

How to Set Up a Great Facebook Dating Profile

Here are a few guidelines for creating a great Facebook dating profile to help you stand out.

1. Describe yourself in depth.

If you’re short on ideas, try providing a quick introduction of yourself and what you enjoy. People wish to learn more about the person they’re messaging before sending them a text.

2. Add your favorite movies and television series.

If you and your partner share a common interest, it will inevitably come up!

3. Post a photograph

Because a picture speaks a thousand words, choose your pics carefully for your profile page. It’s also a plus if the pictures showcase your personal interests and passions.

4. Examine Your Pictures

Remove any photos that don’t appeal to you. Add a couple more images if you don’t have enough.

Your profile should be entertaining and convince prospective dates to browse through your pictures to see what they can find.

5. Write an enticing description

People have trouble going through lengthy profiles, so keep it simple and concise.

Add a few paragraphs about yourself, your ideal partner, and what makes you different.

For more information about Facebook dating for singles, click here.

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