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The 2022 Facebook Dating Sign-Up will be the focus of this article. For anyone looking for a new relationship, online dating can be a wonderful experience.

There are a plethora of dating groups on Facebook. This is not the same as Facebook’s dating service.

If you’re single and looking to meet new people, now is the time to investigate the advantages of the Facebook dating app. It’s a thrilling and romantic adventure. Let’s go over the advantages of Facebook dating in depth.

Facebook Dating Sign Up 2022

Facebook dating is similar to other Facebook features that can be found on the Facebook interface. It is not a separate Android application. Facebook announced that it would launch the dating feature around September in the year 2018.

The dating feature started in September and was introduced in more than 10 countries that including Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname.

In 2019, it was introduced into the United States, Thailand, Canada, Argentina and Mexico. The app is only accessible in 18 countries of the world.

How the Facebook Dating App Works 2022

So how does the Facebook dating app work? The app can only be accessed to Facebook users aged 18 and above. Facebook dating is a feature that can be found on the Facebook Android application. This means the dating feature is separate from other features on the main Facebook interface.

The fact remains that the Facebook dating feature is unavailable to some users. For one, the usage of the dating feature is optional. It is distinct in nature, in that users will be required to create a separate profile that differs from their main Facebook features. You may not see your Facebook friends on the dating feature.

You can remove your acquaintance as a potential match. You can even block your Facebook friends from accessing your Facebook dating profile. Also, you can direct message, anybody of your interest, without necessarily matching that person.

A spectacular feature of Facebook Dating app is ‘secret crush’ that you have the leeway to include nine persons. If your secret crush pick you as your secret crush, you will recieve a notification. The secret crush can only be effective with those who use the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook dating feature is free of charge and does not comprise of advertisement or in-app purchase. The dating feature is distinct from other features on Facebook.

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How to Activate Facebook Dating

Below is how you can create a dating account and activate it.

  • Go to your Facebook page at www.facebook.com
  • Navigate to the three horizontal lines (menu)
  • Scroll down to “ Dating “ (heart icon)
  • Click the “Get Started” button and answer the questions
  • Enter your gender, location, add your photo,
  • On the last screen, click on the “Confirm” button
  • Then, wait for your confirmation.

You have to understand that you can have at most nine secret crushes. Although you can change your crush everyday.

Please note that you can explore the setting ‘dating icon’. but you have to understand that the Facebook version and location matters.

However, if you can’t see the dating icon in the setting, check your  Facebook version, then try to update it to the latest version. Or Dating is not yet available in your country.

Facebook Dating Countries

Below are some of the countries the dating app is available on.

  • Canada
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Paraguay
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • Guyana
  • Columbia
  • Laos
  • Suriname
  • Thailand
  • Uruguay
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Vietnam and others.

Dating on Facebook: My personal experience

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Facebook Dating as much as I did. The profile feature allows you to more fully express who you are and whatever you’re searching for more than some previous apps I’ve explored, and Second Look and Secret Crush are tools I didn’t even know existed.

Facebook Dating uses swiping in the same way that Tinder, Bumble, and a slew of other apps do, so the learning curve isn’t too steep.

The problem is that the individuals you encounter on Facebook Dating are almost certainly people who spend a lot of time on Facebook. Facebook’s demographics tilt older, which isn’t always a bad thing. There won’t be as many young individuals looking to date as there are on Tinder. Also, as I mentioned earlier, as of mid-2021, not many people are enjoying Facebook Dating.

You also incur the possibility of running into someone with whom you share mutual friends, which can be beneficial or detrimental depending on your goals for the encounter. That might be a terrific talking point if you’re close with a mutual acquaintance. Seeing shared acquaintances, on the other hand, can make you shudder so much that it’s a mood killer.

From what I observed, the app could help me find some good pairings (people I’d like to meet), but considering the tiny user base, I’m not sure how much longer that would last.

Furthermore, because Dating is integrated into the main Facebook app, notifications from it mix in with all the other notifications. I’m not a major admirer of dating beeps mixing with group beeps because I use Facebook exclusively to stay current with groups these days:

If you don’t mind those drawbacks, though, Facebook Dating is a great way to round out your dating options. It’s simple to get started and find the type of relationship you want.

With any luck, you’ll even tie the knot via Facebook.

Facebook Dating Alternative: Top 5

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the best place to go whether you’re looking for a quick hookup or casual dating. This online community is a fantasy lover’s dream come true. This site has it all, from casual dating and hookups to partner exchanging!

Adult Friend Finder allows users to communicate with possible matches in a variety of ways before meeting face to face or hooking up. Adult dating, webcam chat, and live chat are just a few of the options available. You can try out the site for free and then subscribe to a premium version if you like it.


  • Adult Friend Finder is a great place to meet new people and swap partners.
  • Live chat, naked webcam chat, mature dating, and adult community subscriptions are among the features of this online hookup site.


  • Even married folks and people in a love relationship might have a great time swapping partners.
  • Registration is completely free.
  • The chat and dating features are clearly highlighted o the homepage, making them easy to find.


A bad idea for long-term relationships

The site is full of nudity and is not intended for romantic interactions.


To live up to its name, eHarmony uses an online matchmaking system to help those looking for meaningful long-term relationships find them. Based on surveys, the platform’s smart algorithm allows you to identify your ideal partner.

This site allows for casual hookups as well as serious dating. The accuracy of this platform’s matchmaking mechanism, on the other hand, is what sets it apart.

Because the technology is so accurate, anyone who uses it can easily identify the best compatible companion. Many people who joined eHarmony for casual hookups say they met their perfect match and ended up in true life-long partnerships with them.

eHarmony’s website offers a video dating option. The website gives free dating trials, with the opportunity to upgrade to a premium membership if you are satisfied with the service.


  • eHarmony encourages serious long-term commitments.
  • Its matchmaking algorithm uses a set of questionnaires to locate potential pairings.
  • Verified profiles are only available to paid members.
  • There is a video-dating feature
  • iOS and Android versions are available for download.


  • eHarmony has a high success rate when it comes to finding real love.
  • You have the option of sending pre-written questions to potential dates.
  • Profiles can be verified upon request.
  • Membership is completely free.
  • User-friendly and simple


  • Keyword and filter searches aren’t available.
  • It’s not the best place to meet people for a casual date.


Tinder is a simple hookup application that has been popular with young adults since its inception. Dating sites are notoriously difficult to navigate, with millions of profiles and options to choose from. Tinder is a good option if you want to avoid the complexities of internet dating. You can log in to this app using either your phone number or your Facebook profile.

You can begin sending messages to your preferred matches and set up meet-ups using Tinder. You’ll have a great time with this hookup app because it allows you to go partying and clubbing with people around you as well as meet users from other communities and areas.


  • Tinder is a well-known app for hookups and sexting.
  • It offers a chat option that allows you to communicate directly with your selected matches.
  • It has a “superlike” feature that helps to attract other users’ attention.


  • Simple account setup with a mobile phone number or a Facebook login.
  • It’s simple to use and quite convenient.
  • To establish authenticity, a photo verification system is in place.
  • There is no cost to join.


  • There’s no keyword or filtering in the search.
  • To see more profiles, users must subscribe to the premium version.
  • To access profiles in other towns or countries, you must be a premium member.


Although your friends may claim that everyone is on Hinge, Badoo is the world’s most popular dating app.

The app was created in 2009 by Russian software mogul Andrey Andreev, 3 years before Tinder, and now has over 500 million users in 200 countries, territories and 51 languages.

The app just debuted Private Detector, a security tool that uses AI to detect inappropriate dick images, offering users the option to open and see or ignore them.

It is 98% accurate.


With intriguing questions and engaging icebreakers, profoundly assists you in starting a discussion. The pictures of your match will be unlocked only after you’ve discussed enough

It will connect you with people in your area who share your interests and will allow you to send confidential confessions to your Facebook friends, allowing you to eventually tell that guy from high school that you’ve always admired him.

A total of 12 million people use the app each day, and more than 40 million messages are exchanged.


Match features a free version, but the widespread assumption is that you’ll have better luck with a premium subscription.

It’s a relic from the old days of internet dating, when joining a site signified you were committed to finding a long-term partner.

But, given the number of free dating apps, my friends and I have long concluded that if you’re paying to get dates, you might be a little too eager to meet a significant partner.

Some dating apps have paid features that are well worth the money, but I’ve never been able to rationalize spending money on love.


Bumble is a user-friendly application that aims to provide a great dating environment for its daters by having a zero-tolerance policy for offensive speech and negative body image.

When matching with men, the women must start the conversation, but in same-sex matches, any partner can start the conversation.

Because women must make their opening move within 24hrs, the contact becomes more urgent, resulting in fewer talks going by the wayside. You don’t have to limit yourself to looking for a love match on Bumble. Other features for business and BFF connections are also available.

About Facebook 

Mark Zuckerburg established Facebook in 2004 at Harvard University, and it is currently the most popular and used social networking site in the world.

Facebook is used all around the world to connect with friends, family, loved ones, and acquaintances, allowing users to share photos, videos, articles, and their own opinions with their pals.

Facebook, also known as META, was created by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2021 and aids in the development of brands and digital marketing.

According to statistics, Facebook has over two billion monthly users, with over 200 million audiences using the Facebook feature for their businesses. The majority of Facebook users utilize it to advertise and promote their businesses. In recent times, some features have been added to make the platform more exciting, which includes Facebook dating.

Facebook has over 2.912 billion active monthly users and 1.929 billion daily users.

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