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There are many single ladies over 40 in the UK and globally that you can find on Facebook. Facebook has made it easy for people to not only share photos and videos, but also connect with each other and find love.

Facebook Singles Over 40

I bet you wouldn’t know that there are are many single ladies in your location. Well, that is why we are writing this article.

Finding single ladies in UK over 40 years is no longer difficult with Facebook, provided you have a Facebook account.

Facebook Over 40 Singles Group UK is open and available to singles who are over the age of 40. If you are single and over 40, you should know that there are others just like you out there.

So, if you want to learn how to mingle, then this article is just for you. In this article, I will show you all you need to know about Facebook single ladies over 40 and how to find them.

Facebook Over 40 Singles Group UK

We all know Facebook is a site for connection. Currently, billions of people from different parts of the world make use of it.

And Facebook has been able to connect people with old friends, family, and even new friends! However, in this case, it is connecting singles. Are you surprised?

This social media platform is now into the online dating game, as it works to connect singles from ages 18 and above. The thing is, there are several ways for these singles to connect with each other. However, we will be directing you to Facebook groups.

Facebook Singles Group

There are millions of groups on Facebook. Out of these millions, you also get to find groups meant for singles who want to connect with each other and date.

Now, talking about Facebook Over 40 Singles Group UK. You should also take note that you can find groups for singles of different ages, which includes singles over 40.

Now, you can also find singles from different parts of the world. With this, you can simply search for and join groups for singles who are in the UK. Now, you can connect, meet, and interact with a single of your choice.

List of Dating Groups on Facebook

On Facebook, there are a number of dating groups. Nonetheless, I will provide you with a list of several, and you may choose to join them if you so like. A list of Facebook Dating Groups is provided below.

  • Dating Group International.
  • Single, Dating or Married.
  • Europe Dating Marriage and Relationship etc.

On the Facebook platform, you’ll find a variety of interesting dating groups. Furthermore, you should be reminded that no dating group is 100% perfect. You must try them out to see which one is suitable for you.

Singles Over 40 Dating Group Rules

Here are some popular rules that cut across all dating groups:

  • All posts must include your location.
  • You are not permitted to use a fraudulent account.
  • You are prohibited from abusing any member of the group.
  • Outside the group, don’t share anything that is inside the group.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else.
  • If a user’s post offends you, please use the ‘Flag’ option to notify the group administrator.
  • Admins retain the right to remove or edit posts as needed.
  • Treat other members and moderators with respect.
  • You are not allowed to post any form of promotions, advertisements, or spam.
  • Don’t let anyone outside the group see what you have shared or posted.

Singles Over 40

Now, you know how this works. How do you get started? This amazing service is entitled to singles who are also Facebook users.

So, if you are not yet a Facebook user with an active account, you need to be now. So many people are getting enough benefits from it. You should not be missing out.

Having discussed this, we will have to move on to searching for these groups on Facebook. There are lots of them. Just join the groups of your choice and move ahead! Follow the steps below to join a group of your choice.

  • Open the Facebook app or visit the website on facebook.com
  • Log in to your account
  • On the left side of your newsfeed, tap on Groups. For mobile phones, go to the menu and select Groups
  • In the search bar at the top, type in and search for “Singles Over 40 in UK”. Also, use other related keywords
  • Select a group by clicking on “Join”

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This will send your request. After your approval, access the group and interact with other available singles who want to hook up and date just like you.

Other platforms for Singles Over 40 in the UK

So Syncd

While the platform is open to all people, the app’s innovative methodology may interest singles over 40.

All users undergo a Myers-Briggs personality assessment, after which they are paired with other Myers-Briggs personalities who are suitable for them.

The essential features are freely accessible, though you’ll have to subscribe to use more. You may download it from Google Play and Apple store.

Silver Singles

This website has been dedicated to users over the age of 50 since 2002.

You’ll begin by taking a personality assessment that includes a long number of questions on your hobbies, viewpoints, and interests.

Based on your responses, the site uses an algorithmic matchmaking system to pair you up with others. You can also enter other data such as a bio and a photograph.

Basic registration is free, however, premium memberships begin at $24.95 per month. Silver Singles is available on Google Play and the App Store.


This service, which caters to senior citizens, provides a rigorous psychological test to assist you in finding a compatible match.

You can sign up for free, but you’ll have to pay for additional perks, which begin at $19.99 each month.

Singles50 can be downloaded through Google Play and the App Store.


eHarmony guarantees over 10 million daily matches! It is well-known for being the ideal hideaway for passionate couples. Several American weddings have been credited with their pioneering matchmaking technology. It’s worth noting that this senior dating site has a small number of senior members.

A thorough questionnaire is attached to the registration procedure in order to provide you with accurate and excellent profile matches. You’ll need to unlock a premium membership to interact with the matched profiles.

Each user’s account on the app has a wealth of information about them. There’s also a computability tab to amp up the fun and accuracy of the process. The computability tab has a variety of behaviours and traits.

Plus, there’s more. Its simplistic design will not confuse you.

Ashley Madison

Have you ever fantasized about having a private affair? Then then, it’s possible with Ashley Madison. This dating platform appeals to a diverse group of people. It supports the concepts of polygamy, monogamy, and open marriages.

The bulk of Ashley Madison’s users is from Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This site is great for those in their 50s who want to have some fun. There’s also a travelling man option for those who are constantly on the move.

Though the majority of its users are between the ages of 25 and 34, the 45-55+ age group is also well represented. Aside from that, registering up for Ashley Madison is really simple. Choose a picture, fill in the blanks, answer the questions, and get ready to go.

That’s all on how to find single ladies and guys over 40 on Facebook Singles Group. I hope this article helps?

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