Hermaphroditedatingsite.com Review 2023

Hermaphroditedatingsite is an exciting dating service for genderqueer people. The website is open and inclusive for people with heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual and other sexual preferences. Launched in 2011, it has been in existence for 12 years. It has a neat interface because the website’s homepage is devoid of any sexually explicit pictures. The website is a member of a vast ecosystem of dating websites, all connected through a directory of user profiles.




What are the features of the hermaphrodite dating site?

Hermaphroditedatingsite website has powerful search filters that include:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • With Picture only
  • Online Status

Advanced searches are available via more detailed criteria.

Generally, on popular dating websites, everyone is too busy checking out others but not giving too much attention to any. The reason for this is that lots of members share identical profiles, and searching for someone unique is tough. The good thing about Hermaphroditedatingsite is that it has a paid priority list that improves your profile visibility in search results. Furthermore, on the platform, a feature enables you to set up a profile video, giving you a notch above other users.

Mental health experts have discovered that commonality in relationships is key to their longevity. At times also called compatibility, this dating service utilize a matching algorithm to detect members who have something in common with you. Hermaphroditedatingsite offers the capability to limit certain members from interacting with you. This can come in handy if you get plenty of responses from members you don’t like.

Hermaphroditedatingsite has a functionality that lets you interact with other users that are in a group chat. Another interesting feature is secret chat and the ability to send invites to other users. Hermaphroditedatingsite also features a live chat. It can serve as an excellent teaser for a real date.



  • Live Webcam
  • The website is popular
  • It is easy to report fake profiles.



  • The website lacks a mobile application
  • It does not have any proof of identity authentication.
  • All profiles are public.
  • Lacks a payment system that can safeguard your identity.



Price, Costs, and Payment Systems for Hermaphrodite Dating Site (How much does the Website cost? / Is the Site free?)


Trial-Plan: Five-Day Free Trial

Five Days cost ₦2196.33

Note that your account will be instantly subscribed to the monthly plan once you don’t cancel before the trial plan is up.

1 Month costs ₦15396.33

You have the option to pay for this plan via credit card.

This is a one-time thing, do nothing.


Plan: After Trial Membership

This plan occurs recurringly. To stop billing, you have to cancel payments directly.

1 Month costs ₦15396.33

Note that you can make the payment via credit card.


Plan: Premium Subscription

This plan occurs recurringly. To stop billing, you have to cancel payments directly.

1 Month costs ₦13563.00
3 Months cost ₦20889.00
12 Months cost ₦43956.00

Note that you can make the payment via credit card.


Hermaphrodite Dating Site Voucher Codes / Discounts

Hermaphrodite Dating Site Voucher Codes / Discounts Currently, there is no information on any voucher code or discount plan.


Hermaphrodite Dating Site App / Mobile

The website has a 100% mobile-friendly design, so it is great for use on your smartphone. However, it doesn’t have an application for mobile devices.



hermaphroditedatingsite.com is a public service. Thus, anyone who accesses the site can view your profile. If you value total privacy and confidentiality, this platform is not ideal for you! Since you can conceal your pictures on hermaphroditedatingsite.com, your profile is publicly available.

However, you can post lots of photos on your profile. hermaphroditedatingsite.com has a feature that lets you post private pictures and offers access to members you allow. Some dating platforms even have a panic option that allows users to exit the website quickly. You won’t find this feature on hermaphroditedatingsite.com.

However, messages and pictures on hermaphroditedatingsite.com are encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your data.



If you wish to interact with this dating service, utilize these contact details:

  • Company Name: Infinite Connections Inc.
  • Address: 865 SW 78th Ave STE A100
  • Zip Code + City: 33324 Plantation
  • Country: United States

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