Can Dating During Divorce Affect Custody

Can Dating During Divorce Affect Custody;

Dating after a divorce is significantly more challenging. It is not a good idea to start or maintain an extramarital relationship during the mandatory one-year separation period mandated by Ontario law before a couple can file for divorce. A divorce lawyer in Toronto will warn you of the potential emotional and legal fallout.

The fact that one is dating before the divorce is final is not a valid reason to deny or limit visitation rights. The decision to keep a new relationship going, however, comes with a number of potential outcomes.

Parent-Child Bonds and Interactions

Legally, divorce is “the breakup of two individuals’ marriage.” However, children make this definition ambiguous.

Remember that everything you and your partner do affects your kids. Divorce makes your children more impressionable and sensitive to changes in routine and environment.

If a divorced parent starts seeing someone else without telling their child, the youngster will find out. If the child learns of the new relationship via the other parent, a stranger, or independent research, they may feel wounded, betrayed, furious, abandoned, and deceived.

After the divorce, the kids will learn if either parent is dating. The close proximity of “Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce” and “Mommy/Daddy has a new significant other” will traumatize your child (ren). “You are leaving my family for another family,” your child(ren) may cry.

Can Dating During Divorce Affect Custody

Kids may fight. It’s conceivable they’re lonely. Emotions will be intensified if one parent has started a new phase. However, your child(ren) may strongly prefer which parent to live with. He, she, or they may yell at the new love interest. When parents live together, kids may spend less time with one parent. After divorce, don’t introduce a new partner to your kids.

The custody judge will weigh this injury evidence. Prioritize children’s welfare. Judges weigh many factors. The child(impression)’s of the parent’s new partner is crucial because it could damage mental and emotional wellness. A judge must balance multiple factors to make a judgment. Due to the relationship’s impact on the family, the parent dating throughout the divorce may get more custody.


Toronto divorce lawyers may advise clients to expect reduced parenting time and increased child support for the newly wedded parent. Each parent’s finances must account for a new partner. The judge may deviate from the Ontario child support grid if the newly paired parent clearly shares expenses.

Consult a Toronto divorce lawyer before living with a new spouse. If your ex-spouse is living with a new partner, contact a Toronto divorce lawyer immediately. Spousal and child support may have changed if you moved in with a new spouse.

Divorced Before Dating

A person today must be legally divorced before they can begin dating again. The practice of adultery persists today. If you’re married and sleep with someone other than your husband, you’re committing adultery. Dating is seen as harmless as long as the two parties remain physically apart. If there are minor children involved and the divorce agreement or parenting plan has not yet been finalized, this becomes a more pressing concern. They should hold off till their divorce is finalized.

Dating While Divorce Proceedings Are Pending

However, if the couple is still legally married and has not yet begun the separation procedure, dating throughout the divorce proceedings may cause additional complications. Disputes, conflicts, and additional time spent trying to come to an agreement are all possible if the persons involved aren’t on the same page.

Some Difficulties

An additional complication that can arise from dating while going through a divorce is that the person you’re seeing may want to get involved in the divorce process and make suggestions for how to divide up assets, in the mistaken belief that they will receive a larger share of the assets than they actually do. They may find themselves juggling the advice of their spouse, their lawyer, and this third party, which could lead to confusion.

Best Dating Practices Outside of a Divorce

If one wants to date while divorced, there are healthy ways to do it. A lawyer and, maybe more crucially, a therapist would be beneficial in this situation because every family is different, and there is no general answer. Consult a lawyer and therapist for this situation. If there are any, they want the kids to have their own therapist to confide in.


Although dating after a divorce is a matter of personal preference, it can have serious consequences for everyone involved, including the former spouse, the new significant other, and the child (ren). Such individual choices may have negative effects on the parent-child connection. This means that your child’s possible animosity against the new child custody arrangement may have a negative impact on the outcome. Before making any hasty choices, consult your Toronto divorce attorney on these matters.

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