Is Lexi And Andrew Dating

Are Lexi and Andrew dating? YouTube and TikTok content creators Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davilla are influential social media users. Their fans want to know, “Are Lexi and Andrew dating in 2023?”

Lexi Rivera’s romantic life remains a constant focus of curiosity. It seems like every time she writes something, and her followers want to know more about her love life or investigate her cryptic posts about love. Despite this, Rivera is unyielding; she has rarely confirmed a relationship during her decade-long social media career.

The current speculation about Lexi’s personal life centres on her rumoured relationship with Andrew Davila, a regular collaborator. If anything, Andrew’s followers find him even more secretive than Lexi, which drives them crazy. Because of his popularity and the growth of his online following, the Texan is under pressure to discuss his personal relationships with his followers.

Let’s examine more closely at Lexi and Andrew’s connection more.

Who Are Lexi And Andrew?

Social media stars and video creators on YouTube, Lexi and Andrew, have built a substantial following. Since 2017, Lexi and Andrew have made multiple videos together and worked together on multiple occasions. Together, Lexi and Andrews made a series of videos on the social media app TikTok that went popular. Relationships between them were sporadic at best. They did, however, remain a unit in large part because of the creative and productive synergy that came from their shared video-making endeavours. The pictures they kept posting on social media-fueled rumours.

Is Lexi And Andrew Dating

YouTube and TikTok content creators Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davilla are influential social media users. The internet was rife with speculation that the two were an item. The content creators typically worked together. Therefore, this rumour spread among them. The two have been colleagues since 2017, and their relationship status has been widely speculated upon since then.

The couple’s relationship was not confirmed by any reliable sources. A mutual acquaintance posted a video on YouTube in late 2020 confirming the couple’s relationship. It seems that Lexi and Andrew, the Internet couple, are real. Keep reading if you want to learn about them.

Are Lexi And Andrew Still Together

Videos posted online by Lexi and her ex-boyfriend Ben suggest that she is dating Andrew. Ben posted a video on YouTube where he and Andrew revealed that they had been dating since 1997 and that Ben’s ex-girlfriend was now dating Andrew. A spoof film made by Lexi implied that the two were only pals, but as of 2022, they are an item.

They have publicly acknowledged their relationship status by posting intimate photos of themselves on Instagram. Questions about whether or not the couple is dating have recently been Googled. As evidenced by the photos, the couple clearly is dating and is upfront about their relationship status.


They work together all the time, and Lexi and Andrew are great friends. Many of Lexi’s followers have noticed that whenever she shares anything romantic, it almost always involves Andrew Davila.

As soon as Lexi uploaded a video to her channel with the caption, “my ex meets my new lover,” rumours began circulating about the couple. Lexi introduced Andrew to her new lover Ben Azelart in the video. Although she did qualify her statement by saying that she and Andrew are “really good friends,” she did not retract her initial statement.

Is Lexi And Andrew Dating

After initially seeming to confirm their relationship in a video broadcast by Andrew in June 2021, Lexi and Andrew later deleted the video. The two made playful comments:

We have some very important news to share with you. In other words, it’s about time. That being said, Lexi and I are an item. We’ve been together for about two weeks, and we’re really happy, right sweetie? I’m in deep love with Andrew, and we’re set to sail in the laundry ship.

Once, the pair had said, “Gotcha, guys! I’m sure you all know that Lexi and I are just good friends and not romantic items. I apologize to all of you seafarers who prefer land routes.

Lexi and Andrew still have a strong bond and may be seeing each other discreetly. Rivera may be disguising a relationship with Andrew since she has previously engaged in secret dating.

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