Facebook Dating app: Since the Facebook dating platform was launched, plenty of users have found the platform much more exciting.

Dating is currently one of the most talked-about topics on social media. You’ll agree with me when I say that for some users, finding a romantic companion is really problematic.

Facebook Dating app

Facebook created this platform in order to make it simple for lonely members of the site to find true love nearby.

A lot of people have been asking us how they can get access to the new Facebook dating feature. In this article, I will show you how to download the new Facebook dating feature.

Dating Account with Facebook Dating App Download Free for Singles

If you have not tried out dating online before, it won’t be a bad idea to try out the Facebook dating feature. Facebook dating is one of the best online dating apps where singles can find other singles in their locations.

The dating feature is not an independent dating app, like most people think. Rather, it is a feature on Facebook, like other features that Facebook has developed over time.

Facebook Dating App Download Free for Singles

As I mentioned earlier, the Facebook dating app is not an independent dating feature. As such, if you have been searching for a Facebook dating app on your app store, you will not find it.

Rather, this feature is inside the main Facebook. If you must use the Facebook dating feature, all you need is to be a Facebook user. Alternatively, if you don’t have the Facebook app, you can easily download and install the app from your app store.

After that, you can create an account if you don’t already have one. If you do, simply log into your Facebook account to access the dating feature.

Facebook Dating App Free

The Facebook dating app is a free feature. Unlike other online dating platforms, you are not required to pay anything to sign up or begin using the feature. As long as you are a Facebook user, you can easily get the feature.

Is Facebook Dating Available in My Area?

The Facebook dating feature is relatively new, and, as such, it may not be available in every location for now.

However, you can check if the feature is available in your area. One common way people know is that if they receive dating notifications, then the dating feature is available in their area.

The other option is to go to the menu section of your account. If you find the dating icon or feature, then the dating feature is available in your area.

Facebook Dating 2024 New Features

There are now 3 new services for dating on Facebook, in addition to a game show on a lengthy video platform — Facebook Watch.

More users are using Facebook Dating’s Virtual Dates service, which allows them to video chat with their matches, since the end of 2021, partly because of the pandemic and those who are dating from a distance.

Playing music, watching films, traveling, studying, and playing computer games are among the most popular activities among Facebook Dating users.

Facebook Dating message usage has increased by more than 55 percent since August 2020, with Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. being the most common time to interact with matches.

Audio Dates, Lucky Picks, and Match Anywhere are the three newest features of Facebook Dating.

Audio dates were created to capitalise on the popularity of the Virtual Dates function and allow users to initiate voice chats with their matches. When you begin the call, it puts out an invite, and if the match is approved, they will join it. When commencing an audio date call, users’ initial names and Facebook Dating profile photos will be presented.

Also, when it comes to choosing a partner, Facebook’s Lucky Pick function allows users to examine other potential individuals who may fall outside of their regular choices. According to Facebook, this tool may help lessen the likelihood of people bemoaning “the one that got away.”

Match Anywhere also allows users to add up to two extra places inside their designated region where they want to look for potential matches, citing the significant number of people who work away from home, operate from multiple locations on a temporary basis, or are considering relocating.

Facebook Dating 2024

Setting up your Facebook dating profile can be done by following the steps below.

  • Open the Facebook official app.
  • Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, then create one quickly.
  • Tap on the menu icon at the top right side of the screen. The menu icon is located at the bottom right side of the screen for iOS devices.
  • Hit the dating feature of the heart icon.
  • Set up your dating profile by completing the twelve tiles displayed.
  • Finally, upload a unique picture to your dating profile, and you are all set.

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Facebook Dating App: The Best Five Alternatives

Here are some of the apps you may use instead of the Facebook dating app:

Plenty of Fish Dating

Plenty of Fish Dating may not have the rich features seen in other dating apps, but it more than compensates for diversity. This online dating app is among the most prominent and biggest in the world, with over 70 million users spread over the English-speaking world.

Users create a basic profile that includes their age, education, and career, then search for and message possible matches. Plenty of Fish continues to make minor changes to its app, including Chat Heads for Android users, premium VoIP calls, and Instagram image uploads. There’s also a free livestream function that supports video dating.


Badoo is a trailblazer in a crowded industry of dating applications, with over 370 million members from over 190 countries sharing their profiles and photographs while looking for connections. The application uses a variety of methods to locate interesting matches, including a Tinder-like swiping mechanism and browsing nearby users’ profiles.

Badoo focuses on ensuring that its members are authentic, not “catfish”-style scams, with verification procedures that include posted photographs, linked social media accounts, and phone verification. While the app is free to use, you can purchase premium credits for $2.99 to boost your visibility or pay for “Super Powers,” which give you access to more functions.


The dating platform is a mix of Tinder and OkCupid, featuring a number of methods for finding and meeting possible matches, ranging from Tinder-style swiping to quizzes, date organizers, and full profiles with lists of hobbies.

Clover avoids the one-trick pony pitfalls of more specialised dating app experiences, so if you get tired of swiping, you can always use live mixers, the 20 Questions game, or Clover’s “on demand dating.” Clover includes premium tiers, just like other apps, that can boost visibility and add or upgrade functionality.


Bumble was founded in 2014 by a woman, Whitney Wolfe, on the notion that women should chat first, allowing them to pick a conversation opener and drive the discourse.

It’s quite easy to use Bumble. Create a profile with your photos and personal details, and then choose between a free plan or a paid one.

The “Spotlight” package guarantees up to 10 X more matches and places you at the front of the queue for 30 minutes, allowing potential matches to view you immediately. You can get 30 spotlights for approximately $1, or a solo spotlight for about $6. For under $50, you can buy 30 spotlights.

SuperSwipe is another tool that promises “up to 10x chats.” SuperSwipes lets you ultra-like someone, so you’ll be among the first users they view when they begin swiping. It costs around $1 for 30 SuperSwipes and $3 per SuperSwipe.

If neither of these features appeals to you, consider upgrading your account to premium to gain access to each of the features in one go.

For roughly $18, premium customers get limitless likes, powerful filters, a travel option to view who’s swiping in certain locations, and limitless backtracks if you swipe in the wrong direction on someone, among other things.

Bumble is an excellent choice for someone who is just starting out and wants to meet as many suitable users as possible. You must swipe right to connect with someone, and then you’ll have a day to make a move and begin a chat. So you must refresh the app regularly, or matches will disappear.

Men have 24 days to reply after that. You can use filters to narrow down your search results, such as who you’re looking for (men, women, or everyone), age range, and location. You can also use complex criteria to find people who are a certain height, have a certain astrology sign, have a certain academic background, and so on.

Stars Align

Stars Align is a dating website that you’d like to explore in 2024 if you’re truly into horoscope and would like to find a partner who is compatible with your astrological sign. It matches daters solely based on their natal charts using an astrology-based algorithm. I

It also features a “Red Flag” tool that can detect “astrological incompatibilities” between two natal charts, such as powerful sexual chemistry, expected chaos, and ego confrontations.

If anything, you’ll be able to socialize with users who share your interest in astrology.


First dates are meant to be a pleasant opportunity to see if you and your date are a good match. They can, however, become unpleasant if the rapport isn’t there. As a solution to this problem, Fourplay has emerged.

Fourplay is a new dating app that allows individuals to go on double dates with their buddies who are also single. You can establish as many “dating teams” as you want, and to make a match, all four people must give a nod.

Once everyone is on board, you can use the app to schedule a meeting location. This app is great for those who have a solo friend or two and want to have a good time and socialise.

That’s all on Dating Account with Facebook Dating App Download Free for Singles.

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