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How To Unmatch On Facebook Dating: A lot of dating platforms exist on the internet for every adult on the internet. Facebook dating stems from the notion that a dating app should be connected with everyday activities, not exclusive. More than a million Facebook users are available to date, this means that creating a relationship with someone on Facebook is fast becoming a reality. But is it really safe to just get into a relationship with a stranger you met on Facebook dating? Not so. Bad people own Facebook account. So this article will show you how to stay safe.

The Dark Side of Dating Apps

I have been in charge of a Facebook dating group that has more than 10,000 women who are single and ready to mingle. This makes me a first-hand witness of the darker side of some dating platforms. Most of the time, women complain of the influx of dick pics, especially from guys who they have no interest in. However, men who these women are really romantically interested in, ignore them. So, consequently, there are lots of fuck boys on Facebook — males who are interested in sex and sex alone.

There’s also the issue of ‘catfishing’. Since anybody can hide under the identity of whoever they want, multiple fake accounts and impersonation occur on these dating platforms. I have heard reports of married men lying to be single on social media. Some times, scammers dupe some of these lonely women online.

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The Facebook dating app is similar to other dating platforms. So, you may need to unmatch some persons that you have connected to. The following instruction will help you unmatch anyone on Facebook dating:

  1. Tap the shield icon in the chat corner, and
  2. Pick “delete conversation” to unmatch someone on Facebook Dating.
  3. This will delete the user from your chat queue entirely.

Unmatch On Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is the fastest-growing dating community in the world today. It rivals other known dating platforms like Hingle and Bumble. The main objective of Facebook Dating is to help forge a strong relationship and find love. Facebook works towards this objective via social networking.

Facebook dating algorithm works like: Facebook often matches users with other users who are not the main Facebook friends. This is done so you can pair with new people, although you will be permitted to view the number of mutual friends each new user has. But the fact remains that you can still be matched with incompatible people, even without mutual friends.

These are the steps you would need to take if you no longer want to be paired with the person you have connected with.

  • Click on the person’s profile first to open the conversation.
  • There’s a shield button in the top right corner.
  • If the shield icon is pressed, a menu for protection and help will appear.
  • The Protection and Support menu will allow you to detach and unmatch the user with a few different options.

Safety And Support

Facebook has developed a safety and help icon that can be found in any chat window’s upper right corner. The safety and support role is critical because it enables action to be taken by customers who feel uncomfortable.

There are some options available if you want to unmatch a Facebook dating user include:

  • deleting the conversation
  • Blocking the Facebook dating user
  • Reporting the conversation to Facebook.

These are some of the choices you can make that will immediately unmatch a Facebook dating user. Let’s reveal to you how to unmatch a user in a simple way.

Delete The Conversation

To delete your Facebook dating user, wipe the entire chat. The button for deleting conversation is usually in red.

This completely wipes away the entire conversation and automatically unmatches you with the User. Never forget that you won’t be able to retrieve your conversation once you delete it and unmatch such a user.

Facebook will disconnect you from this user and block you from chatting with him or her. We recommend that you are absolutely sure that you no longer want to have a conversation or remain in contact with this person forever.

Block The Person

Another way of unmatching with a Facebook dating user without wiping the conversation is by blocking this user. It could be that they are rude or negatively impacting your online dating life, so it will be ideal to block them, especially when they harass you with a bucketload of messages.

Once you block a Facebook dating user, you will stop getting a message from such an individual. So be sure you are very sure that you want to disconnect with them before blocking them.

Report The Conversation

We also advise that you use the report button to report every conversation that is unfriendly or rude or whenever someone expresses themselves in disdain and provocative manner on Facebook dating.

After reporting the conversation, you are free to write a few sentences to state your reasons for reporting the conversation.

Facebook will be notified of the chat, which will enable the chat to be monitored and acted on accordingly. This process can be quite long, so we advise you to try the first two options for an automatic unmatch.


The shield icon at the top right corner of the Facebook dating dashboard will enable you to delete a conversation from the chat queue.

Blocking and reporting the conversation for review by Facebook is another great way of blocking the person. Ultimately, unmatching a great way of disconnecting from a Facebook dating user.

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