How to Fix Facebook Messenger Message Sent But Not Delivered


Facebook Messenger is a perfect social medium and instant messaging app. Though nothing is perfect. There are several issues people are facing while using Messenger on daily basis. The solved frequent problems are listed below:

  1. You can’t send a message on Facebook Messenger.
  2. Facebook Messenger messages stuck on sending.
  3. Facebook Messenger messages sent but not delivered.
  4. Messenger is down and can’t send or receive a message.
  5. Why do messages fail to send on Facebook Messenger?
  6. Common problems with Facebook servers.
  7. You cannot send a message on Facebook Messenger.
  8. Facebook stuck on sending.

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The eight problems above are the most common issues people face on a daily basis on Facebook Messenger. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to solve these issues for you in one place. Into the bargain, these are the major questions asked in different communities over the internet.

Can’t Send a message on Facebook Messenger?

In this case, there are two things you need to know. The first one is if you can’t send a message to a specific person in your contacts list on Messenger and the second one is if you can’t send a message to anyone in your contacts list on Messenger. Nonetheless, the answer to both questions is below with their fixes. Furthermore, the first thing you need to try is to update your Facebook Messenger application to its latest version, then check if the problem is fixed.

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Why Can’t you Send Messages to a Single User?

The reason is because that person has blocked you on Facebook Messenger. In this case, you will see something like “can’t send a message”, that is a confirmed indication that you have been blocked by that person. There is no fix for this very problem, therefore, all you need to do is send a message from someone else Facebook Messenger account to unblock you. Truly, that’s is the only help you can get.

Why Can’t you Send Messages to Other Contacts in Messenger?

This is because you have been reported to Facebook as spam. Therefore, Facebook has temporarily banned your profile from sending messages to other users on Messenger. Worriless, it’s temporary, and to fix this problem, you just need to wait. Also, don’t spam around, just feel relaxed. Don’t over-post on Facebook, don’t share lots of stories and don’t send messages on Messenger. Just wait for at least 14 days and the issue will be solved automatically.

Facebook Messenger messages stuck on sending

This appears to be a common problem on Facebook Messenger. This is due to poor internet speed or Facebook server glitches. If you are using the main version of Facebook Messenger and your network speed is very poor. Then try to install the Facebook Messenger Lite application, which will work perfectly on poor internet speed and mobile phones with low hardware features. This will definitely fix the messenger messages stuck on sending.

Though, once you confirm there is no problem on your Facebook Messenger. Then, the second thing is that you need to check whether Facebook Messenger servers (data centers) are up and running. Occasionally, there are millions of traffics on Facebook Messenger servers, that being so, they become irresponsive or unable to handle your message request. In this case, you will need to wait for at least an hour or 30minutes and check back if their servers are up and running, this way you can easily fix the messenger stuck on sending problems.

In addition, if you are in a hurry and want to fix the stuck on sending problem. Then you should try installing a VPN app on your smartphone. This way it will change your location and make messenger works on sending messages. Also, it can connect you with other messenger data centers across the globe. Though, some people are often experiencing the same problem in secret conversations too.

Message on Facebook Messenger Sent but not Delivered

There are several reasons behind the Facebook Messenger message sent but not delivered. These are the reasons:

  1. Maybe you are blocked on/from Messenger.
  2. Also, your chat was for some reasons ignored by the person or marked as spam by Messenger.
  3. The message is not yet approved from Messenger data centers or it’s due to the Connection Requests. The connection or message request is actually a feature in Messenger, which filters messages from unknown contacts and moves them to the spam folder.
  4. Maybe the recipient is currently offline or he/she has not installed  Facebook Messenger.
  5. Facebook Messenger servers are down.
  6. Messenger server glitches temporarily
  7. The receiver is not yet on Facebook Messenger or uninstalled the Messenger app.

You are Blocked on/from Messenger

In case you sent a message on Messenger but it’s not delivered. It is because you have been blocked on Facebook Messenger by the user or Messenger has blocked your account temporarily, it is also called a shadow ban from Messenger. This is because someone has repeatedly reported your account with proof and Messenger accepted their request, this is why your account is temporarily in shadow ban status. There is nothing you can do about it than to wait for few days or at least a month.

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Someone Ignored you on Messenger

Messenger allows users to ignore and unignore each other on the platform. Therefore, it is a premium perfect feature in getting rid of someone’s message you don’t want to look at. Then again, things can happen to you, it’s either you are messaging someone for the first time and your message is going to the spam folder, it’s an automatic action by Facebook Messenger.

Therefore, the receiver can get into the Message Requests and unignore you if he/she wants to. Possibly the person has manually ignored you on Facebook Messenger to stop seeing your messages. In such a situation, your messages are sent on Facebook Messenger but not delivered.

The Recipient is Offline or Not on Facebook Messenger

You only see a delivered icon next to the message you sent on messenger, once it is available to read on the recipient’s device. That is, once you send a message, it goes to the Facebook Messenger servers, then downloading it on the recipient’s device if he/she is online.

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Thereafter, it is available on the recipient’s device, then you will now see that delivery mark next to it. If the recipient is offline or not using Facebook Messenger, then the message from your device is sent but you won’t see that delivery mark next to it. That being so, you can wait for the recipient to get online and receive your message or invite him/her to Messenger if he/she hasn’t  installed it yet.

Facebook Messenger is Down, you Can’t send and Receive a Message

Perhaps, if the Messenger server glitch or it’s down, that means there could be ongoing maintenance on Messenger servers or they are experiencing some system glitches, which of cause is the reason you are having this issue. Into the bargain, you can check if the Facebook Messenger server is live, up, and running perfectly.

Furthermore, if you can’t send a message then probably you have been blocked by those users. But if you can’t receive a message at the moment, then it’s the server issue. Just wait for few minutes and the issue will be resolved automatically or you use Messenger Lite instead.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger when it keeps saying “Can’t send message”

This is usual when someone has blocked you on Messenger only. Therefore, you are still friends with the person on Facebook but can’t send messages to that person on Messenger. This is why you are having this issue. In such a situation, you cannot do anything than to request for the person to unblock you.

Another possible reason is the Facebook Messenger server. You may see things like “Chat is currently unavailable” and similar things when Facebook Messenger servers are down or experiencing some technical issues. In this case, you need to wait for few hours and check back if the issue have been resolved.

Finally, the recipient you are trying to message is not using Facebook anymore. The person has deactivated or deleted his Facebook account. Also, Facebook deletes accounts when someone violates their terms and conditions.

Facebook Messenger not sending messages

The most frequent reasons behind these issue are:

  1. You have exchanged a lot of messages today.
  2. Your messages don’t comply with Facebook Community Guidelines.
  3. Your Facebook Messenger is not up to date.
  4. Messenger servers are down at the moment.
  5. You have not cleared your phone junk files for a long time.
  6. There is a problem with your phone or internet connection (poor network speed).

Just fix these issues, then Facebook Messenger will send or deliver your messages successfully with ease.

That’s all on How to Fix Facebook Messenger Message Sent But Not Delivered.

Hope this article would be helpful?


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