Facebook Messenging App Download Install – Chat Messenger Lite Download 2023

Welcome to our quick guide on how to download the Facebook Messenger app in 2023 and start using it for free. Install Facebook Messenger App | Free Facebook Messenger App Download in 2023.

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The Facebook Messaging app, popularly known as Messenger, is a separate Facebook application that is freely available to Android and iOS users.

The messenger app is a free chat platform created by Facebook for its users. Users of Android and iOS smartphones can download and run this app.

There are currently 2 types of Messenger apps that are available for download.

  1. Facebook Messenger App.
  2. Facebook Messenger Lite App.

Many persons get confused as to which of these messenger app they should download and install on their devices.

Well, the differences between the Facebook messenger app and the Facebook messenger lite are not much. The major difference is simply the fact that Facebook Messenger Lite is a Messenger app for Facebook lite.

While the usual Messenger app is a Messenger app for the standard Facebook, another difference is that the Messenger lite app is a lite weight app and works very well even on a slow connection, unlike the standard Messenger app.

This article will help if you wish to download the Messenger app on your Android or iOS devices.

Features of Facebook Messenger

There are many benefits of using the Facebook instant Messenger app, whether the standard messenger app or the Messenger Lite app.

In this section, I will show you some of the features of the Facebook Messenger app. Below are some of the official features of Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger App

Downloading and installing the standard Facebook Messenger app is very easy, provided you are using an Android or iOS device. To download the standard Messenger app on your device, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit your Google Playstore or IOS Store.
  2. Locate the search bar at the top of your page.
  3. Search “Facebook Messenger.”
  4. Click “Download.”
  5. Then, install.

If you followed the above process, you should download and install the Facebook Messenger app on your iOS or Android device.

Facebook Messenger Lite Download

Downloading and installing the Facebook Messenger lite app is also very easy, just like the standard app.

However, you will also need an Android or iOS device. To download the Messenger lite app on your device, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit your Google Playstore or IOS Store.
  2. Locate the search bar at the top of your page.
  3. Search “Facebook Messenger Lite.”
  4. Click “Download.”
  5. Then, Install.

If you followed these steps carefully, you should be able to download and install the Facebook Messenger lite app on your iOS or Android device.

Facebook Messenger Login

Once you have downloaded and installed either the Facebook messenger app or the Facebook messenger lite app, you will need to login into your messenger account.

Note, you do not necessarily need to create a Facebook account to make use of the Facebook messenger app. However, having one is a plus for you.

Login into Facebook messenger is simple. Follow the steps below to do so.

That is how to login on to the Facebook messenger app.

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Facebook Messenger Tricks

Although if you utilize Facebook Messenger on a daily basis, we promise there are certain Facebook Messenger tricks you are unaware of. With that in mind, here are several Facebook Messenger capabilities and tricks to test right now.

Make voice and video calls first.

Facebook Messenger is more than simply a text messaging app. Using the buttons at the top of your chat window, you can easily initiate a voice or video call.

You can also call and send a voice message at any time. If the person you wish to speak with isn’t available, simply leave a voice note for them to listen to later.

Make Your Location Public

Should you need to let your friends and family know your whereabouts, enter a chat with them, select Location from the three dots on the lower-left side. Your friend will receive an instant map of your exact location.

Of course, there’s a significant privacy argument against telling Mark Zuckerberg where you are. You can, however, erase your location data from Facebook if you so desire.

Use Facebook Messenger’s Nicknames feature.

You probably have a few Facebook friends that use a nickname that has nothing to do with their real name. You may also have friends who have switched surnames over time, but you only remember their previous names.

Save yourself the trouble and use Messenger’s nickname feature to help you remember who everyone is. Simply open a chat and tap on their name to reveal the option to add a nickname.

Make use of Stickers, GIFs, and Thumbs-Ups!

Facebook has added plenty of stickers that you can use in your conversations, with a range of styles to choose from. You can pick and select your favorites to keep them within your reach.

If you don’t like stickers, Facebook has merged Giphy into Messenger, allowing you to locate and embed any GIF you want in a matter of seconds. It’s all quite simple.

You can even employ the thumbs-up option to give a quick response to a message. Most people are unaware that you may resize it before posting by holding down the thumb.

Facebook Messenger can be used as a flight ticket.

Many airlines now allow passengers to get flight details and check-in alerts using Messenger App. After that, you can use Messenger App as your flight ticket at the airport.

Even better, if you want to change your flight, you can do all of this through Messenger.

Using Facebook Messenger to Send Money

Is there anything you want to pay a friend for? Then simply go into Messenger and make a direct payment to them.

Select Payments from the four-dot menu. You’ll have to link a bank card to your profile the 1st time you do it.

Create a Group Message

Instead of conveying your chats amongst friends, organize a group chat with everyone involved so you can resolve things out anyway. Everyone receives all of the details, and no one is left out of the loop.

You can also give your groups names and set them to the upper end, so if you have a long-running group chat with your friends or golf pals, you can keep it structured and easy to discover.

Notifications from Messenger can be turned off.

If you’ve ever participated in a lively group chat, you’ll know that it may be a special type of torment. Notifications for each and every message can begin to grate on your nerves.

Mute the entire group conversation to solve the problem. You can opt to mute chats for a specific amount of time—15 mins, 1 hour, 8 hours, or two days until you switch it back on indefinitely.

Remember that you could turn off Messenger notifications completely by going to the native settings menu on your Android or iOS device.

That’s all Facebook Messenger App Download Install – Chat Messenger Lite Download.

Benefits of Using Facebook Messenger for Your Business


It’s free to create a Facebook Business page, and it’s also free to reply to client difficulties via Messenger. It’s free for you and your clients to use, and all you need is a smartphone or laptop with WiFi.

Brand Loyalty

This is your chance to not only impress your customers, but also to strengthen business loyalty and credibility. Your company’s brand identity is its true essence, and using Messenger to effectively interact with users allows your brand to express the ideals that propel your business as a whole with them.

Keep your brand’s ideals and personality in mind when communicating with customers. This is the kind of emotional connection that today’s clients crave.

Also, always act with integrity and appreciate your clients’ intelligence. Honesty is the first step toward brand integrity.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Messenger is more than just a way to communicate with customers. When a customer texts you on Messenger, there’s a chance for your company to follow up.

Every message you send to your consumer is a great chance to gain insights that can help you develop a long-term relationship.

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