How to See your Facebook Friendship Page

If you have used Facebook for a long time, there is a likelihood that you have shared some wonderful memories with your friends. This can be in the form of tagging them in your posts, photos, videos, or even inviting them to an event. You can see them on the Facebook friendship page—a great place to find those activities you and a friend have been involved in during your time on Facebook.

The friendship page on Facebook is where you can find the posts and tagging, the videos in which you have tagged your friends, and the invites where friends have responded to you. You can even find your mutual friends there. This is a timeline customised for you and your friend.

How to See your Facebook Friendship Page

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Where can I find my Facebook friendship page?

In order to find your Facebook friendship page with any friend of yours, do the following:

  • Go to the timeline of the friend. You can also search for her name and click wherever you see her image and name.
  • On the timeline of your friend, you will find an icon shaped like a gear on the low right side of her cover photo. Click on it.
  • Then, you will find a drop-down menu, and you will see friendship among the options. Click on it.

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Where to find the Facebook friendship page of other Facebook users

The tips below will help you find the Facebook friendship page of other users of Facebook:

  • Log into your account on Facebook.
  • Visit the timeline of the friends you want to explore on their friendship page.
  • Copy the Facebook user ID from the URL. You will find it at the address bar—the characters after the Facebook name. For instance, if the link is, the user’s Facebook ID is ‘peter. Desmond’
  • Go to the timeline of the other Facebook user and copy the user’s Facebook ID by following the steps above.
  • Afterwards, head to your browser and paste the following information:
  • Swap “FirstID” for the first ID and swap “secondID” for the other user’s ID. Tap enter.
  • You will find the Facebook friendship page.


The stuff you see when you go to a friendship page is determined by what the two friends have shared. A profile image on the page, for example, may have both friends tagged on it. It will also include details about events to which both individuals have RSVP’d, as well as comments, images, wall postings, and other items involving both friends. It also displays the network to which the individuals belong.

Concerns about privacy

Although some Facebook users use this tool, others are concerned about the privacy risks it poses. It allows people to see how others engage with each other and put out their content publicly. It also gives more information to friends of friends whom you will not want to have access to your page’s content. If they are friends of your friends, anyone you declined a friend request for in connection with them can still view your images and other information.

Facebook has a history of privacy issues. Almost everything Facebook users now understand is that the company collects and sells their personal information. However, it does not appear to have diminished people’s desire to log in.

Unsafe third-party apps, wrongly configured security settings, Facebook Marketplace frauds, predators, and even social media obsessions are just some of the numerous major Facebook privacy threats.

It’s up to you to decide how dangerous this Facebook friendship history tool is, but there’s one more thing to worry about in an already long list of potential dangers.

Is it possible to see the friendships of any two people on Facebook?

No. It was once allowed, but Facebook recognized that having a hidden URL that enabled any two users on the network to see each other’s full Facebook history was a bit unsettling.

The URL remains today (and is utilized in this process), but you can only see the history for both you and your Facebook friends.

View your Facebook Friendship Page FAQ

How do I see a friendship page on Facebook on PC?

Friendship pages allow you to see items you share in common with a Facebook friend, such as postings, images, and connections. To see your and a friend’s friendship page, go to:

Type your Facebook friend’s name into the search field at the upper left of any FB Page to go to their profile page.

Select underneath the cover photo

Then select See Friendship.

On Android, go to:

  • On the upper right side of Facebook, select Search.
  • Type your Facebook friend’s name into the upper search field to find their profile.
  • Select the “More” button underneath the cover photo.
  • Select Friendship from the menu.

What is the location of my Facebook Page ID?

To locate your Page ID, go to:

Select the menu on the upper right side of Facebook.

Select Pages or Your [number] Pages

Navigate to your profile page.

What is a friendship page on Facebook?

You may see what you have in common with a friend on Facebook, such as posts, images, and networks in the friendship pages. To access your and a friend’s friendship page, navigate to your friend’s account by inputting their name into the upper search bar. In the lower right corner of their cover photo, tap. Tap on friendship.

What is the purpose of a friend page?

Friendship Pages is the latest feature on Facebook that some people find creepy, but others find awesome. It allows users to find the history of a friendship between the two users. Some people are upset by the feature’s stalker-like aspect, which allows you to spy on the lives of two Facebook friends.

What does it imply when you can’t find friendship on FB?

Your Facebook friend or contact has most likely blocked you. To further confirm this, have a mutual friend verify and see if the post is accessible to them. If it is, you have been blocked. If the person can’t find it, maybe the post has been removed.

What is the procedure for sending a friend request?

You can add a friend to the page of search results. Alternatively, go to the person’s profile page to whom you wish to make a friend request.

Select the friend request button beside the user’s name to send a request on the search results screen.

Is it possible to see the friendship between any two people on Facebook?

No. It used to be accessible, but Facebook realized that having a hidden URL to access any two people’s complete Facebook history was a little creepy.


How can I find someone on Facebook without knowing their name?

The quickest way to locate someone besides using their name is via their phone number. Input that user’s phone number into the search engine, and that’s all. You can also attempt searching via the full number without or with the area code added. A lot of users have their mobile devices linked to Facebook.


Do people know if you search them on Facebook?

No, Facebook searches are not public. If you search for a user’s profile or they search for yours, none will be public. According to Facebook: “Facebook users cannot track who has viewed their personal homepage. Third-party applications also do not provide this feature.



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