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Since its inception, Facebook Dating has grown to be a very popular feature on the site; if you want to register on Facebook dating app, you’ll need to read through this tutorial.

join dating on facebook

The feature did not just end at linking singles together or making them hook up easily but, also made it possible for singles in search of a date to find people in close proximity with them in case they do not want a long-distance relationship.

So, dating on Facebook social media just got better and sweeter. Even with the existence of several online dating communities, users still prefer searching for singles on Facebook.

You might wonder why this could be so,  you should not forget that Facebook is almost the first stop by priority when it comes to online communication and socialization. Interestingly enough, this Facebook dating does not require any payment, it’s equally as free as chatting with friends on the platform.

How To Find Singles For Free on Facebook Social Media

The Facebook dating platform is like a middleman between singles who are interested in beginning a new relationship. On this platform, singles are given unlimited access to their prospects through their account.

A lot of people on Facebook have earlier before now been practicing dating on the platform, Facebook team just devised a way of making this desire to date on the platform way easier.

You sure need to know the best way to target the singles on Facebook to avoid asking a married person for a date. There are two ways to do this, let’s see how.

  1. Facebook friends.
  2. Joining Facebook Singles or Dating groups.

1. Facebook friends: This first route is very easy and stressless, it is as easy as adding up friends on your Facebook account. You can pick out singles through the details displayed on your profile and express your heart towards them.

If a user is not convinced of their target’s relationship status, he/she could simply ask them of their status for clarity and from there henceforth know what step to take.

2. Joining Facebook Dating Groups to Find Singles

This means is more assuring than the first one earlier discussed. Adding friends to your Facebook account and sorting out those that are single can be a very challenging and discouraging step to take.

So, joining a Facebook dating group leaves you to rest assured that whoever you are hooking up with is single because the group is strictly for singles.

How do now find these dating groups that are closest to you? It is very simple. Just head to the search bar on your Facebook account homepage and type in ‘Facebook dating’. A list of dating groups will pop up, scroll through and ake your choice.

Guess what? You can join as many dating groups as you want. So go ahead and click on the groups of your choice and enter the ‘Join‘ option. That option sends the group admin a request to join the group.

In some cases, the admin receives your request and gets back to you with a short question you will need to give a very simple and sincere answer to and when you must have sent the reply, you will be quickly added to the group.

In other cases, you might not need to answer any questions but just hold on for the admin of the dating group to give considerations to your request and get to you.

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7 Best Alternatives to Facebook Dating

Facebook is a very popular social media platform, and it wields great potential to engage and connect people. However, it is still a novice in the dating market. The facebook dating app has yet to compete with the industry’s major competitors.

Many popular dating apps have a higher number of active users and produce better results than Facebook Dating. Here are our top three picks.

Since its inception in April 1995, has made great strides. This well-known dating site has fine-tuned its match algorithm is to find long-term compatibility and support numerous first dates, serious partnerships, and happy marriages. When it comes to matching singles,’s experts go to great lengths.

  • is the world’s oldest dating service.
  • There are search filters for interests, appearance, lifestyle, and more in the Discover section.
  • Match .com is available in 15 languages and 50 countries. has a well-developed community of young professionals looking for love. Over 80% of its members have earned bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees, and over 90% are over 30 years old. Elite Singles employs a sophisticated matchmaking technology to link daters with people who are on their level.

  • Over 2 million unique visitors per month
  • Every day, premium members get 20 wildcard matches.
  • Age, height, education, ethnicity, and lifestyle preferences are all factors that can be used to narrow down your search.


Bumble is like Tinder for women, but with a timer. Bumble is a freemium dating service in which women must lead the interaction.

If the man does not respond within a day, the possible dates are lost.
The timer is intended to foster communication, and some people value it. However, if you’re a procrastinator, Bumble isn’t for you.

Bumble probably filters out the more timid guys from the dating scene because women must engage first. The rate of overconfident males, on the other hand, is larger than any other applications.

Bumble also offers a BFF option that can assist you in meeting new people, but that’s not our focus right now, so I’ll keep that for another day.


As a hookup app, Tinder has everything you need, from brief encounters to long-term relationships.

It’s essentially the first stopover for people who are new to the dating scene. If it pertains to internet matchmaking, you need to swipe where everyone else swipes if you want to pull off a miracle.

On the plus side, the profiles are concise, allowing you to make quick selections.

The disadvantage is that a brief dating profile makes it difficult to determine what many people are seeking. When you don’t know much about someone, it can be difficult to strike up a conversation.

You’ll have to sift through an ocean of pictures, making it easier to overlook those you would have given a chance in other situations.


As a lesbian dating app, Her claims to be the ideal option for lesbians and other queer women who want to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

There should be more dating apps like Her, which offer ways for users to create their own virtual communities through events like virtual video parties and webcasts. These activities let individuals connect outside of the ‘I NEED TO FIND A DATE RIGHT NOW OR I’LL BE ALONE FOREVER’ mindset that we’re all prone to.

This application is not only accessible, but it also appears to be a great experience.


You might consider this app as a lighter version of eHarmony. It’s clearly geared toward romance seekers, although it doesn’t appear quite as intense as eHarmony. Similar, but less exhaustive, screening processes are in place to help the app match you with people who are a perfect fit for you.

Furthermore, you do not need to pay for the basic package. If you want more features, you can subscribe to your account to add deal breakers to your profile, send limitless likes, access anonymous mode, and more.


This is a Jewish-only dating app. If your faith plays a significant role in your dating decisions, having that precision is tremendously beneficial. If you really want to meet someone who shares your faith, it’s a terrific screening tool.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Dating isn’t the finest or safest dating app available. The popularity is lower than other dating apps, the dating value is a little weak, and you are obliged to be linked to a Facebook profile, which is notorious for data breaches and an excessive quantity of ad targeting.

The benefit of Facebook Dating is that it is entirely free. So, if you’re already a regular Facebook user with no concerns about privacy, Facebook Dating is well worth a shot. If you’re not using a Facebook account, we recommend that you sign up now.

Who will benefit from Facebook dating the most?

  • Singles who don’t want to install a new app but already have a Facebook page.
  • Those who find typical dating applications to be too difficult to use.
  • Singles who wish to have a completely free dating experience.

Who Isn’t a Good Fit for Facebook Dating?

  • Singles who aren’t on Facebook or wouldn’t want to own an account.
  • Those who desire to remove their confidential info from their dating profile.
  • Younger singles who are internet savvy and can use more complicated dating apps.

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