Facebook Singles Dating – Start using Facebook Dating Singles Group Sites

Millions of people are being hosted on Facebook social media year to year.

Thirty of the hundred people signing up to the platform are single and open to a relationship. How do we find them? This guide will give you a clue on how to find singles on Facebook.

facebook singles dating

In contrast to married people on Facebook who display their status as ‘married’. It is difficult to tell who is truly single or engaged. You don’t want to go through the hassle of asking your Facebook friends if they are single or not when you can easily find a date.

Facebook has provided a platform where both single guys and ladies can meet regardless of age, as long as they are 18 and above. So, the Facebook dating site is the easiest way to meet and connect with singles on Facebook.

One mind-blowing thing about the dating site is that you can target singles from any geographical area or locality. This is possible because you must provide your location when setting up a dating profile.

Let’s start with how you can effectively use the dating app to meet singles on Facebook.

Facebook Singles Dating

The Facebook Singles Dating is now available for Facebook singles through the amazing feature on the site. This feature is known as Dating, also known as Facebook dating.

It is a dating home filled with millions of people who have marked themselves as singles on the site. Here, these singles meet, connect, and interact with each other.

You can make new friends and find a lifetime partner from here! Wondering if that is possible. Of course, it is!

To use this feature, you will be prompted to set up a Facebook dating profile. Using your main Facebook account, you can set up this profile for the dating home.

Facebook Dating

The Facebook dating feature has played a tremendous role in connecting singles all around the world. Imagine how fun this can be; what are you waiting for?

This platform is as interesting as the main Facebook site. Users can also share their life moments and feelings at a time; they can search for people they would like to make friends with and date. Apart from the dating app, you can also find singles and date them on dating groups,

Facebook Dating Review

To better understand the dating app, you should pay attention to this section of the article because if you must sign up for the dating app, you should know what it entails.

Facebook dating is just like other dating sites; it exists only on the Facebook platform. It is just a recent development and is not yet launched in some countries.

For countries with access to it already, whoever is signing up must be 18 and above. Finally, whatever is done on the dating home stays in the dating home; your Facebook friends do not have access to it since they are not on the dating site.

How to Browse Singles on Facebook

It is quite easy to browse and find singles on the Facebook social media platform. You need a few clicks that will launch you to the dating home where you can get to many singles available in such locations.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Head on to your Facebook profile on the homepage.
  • At the top of the profile, tap on the Heart icon. You can also click on the menu button and select Dating.
  • Create your dating profile. You will need to provide your; gender, location, interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Further, click on Confirm.

Having done this, you can now have access to as many singles as you want.

Facebook Singles Over 40

Do you know that Facebook Singles Dating is also available for singles over the age of 40? Through this dating home, you can also find these singles. However, to get these singles over 40 quickly, you must go through Facebook groups.

  • Launch your Facebook account.
  •  Click on Groups on the left side of the homepage. For mobile phones, tap on.
  •  Search for Singles Over 40 on the top of the search bar
  • You will be given some group suggestions.
  • Select the groups you want by clicking on Join.

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When your request to join is sent, you might have to answer a few questions the group admin will ask. When this question is answered, you can then access the group chat.

How to find Facebook dating groups

1st step

Log in to your Facebook profile. On your Facebook account, type something into the search field atop the news feed.

2nd step

In the Search field, input 1 or 2 two keywords; for instance, you can input a generic subject term like “singles” or be more precise and input “Christian Singles” or “Christian Singles 40-50.”

3rd step

A list of groups can be found in the drop-down menu. If you do, select the one you intend to join by clicking on it. If you need to explore more groups, go to the end of the drop-down menu and select “See More Results” to see the results of your keyword query in a new section.

4th step

To limit search results and display only Facebook Groups instead of Facebook Pages, apps, individuals, and other Facebook material, pick the “Groups” tab in the left-hand menu. I didn’t need to do this step during my search.

5th step

To see all Facebook Groups in your search category, scroll down the list of results. To go to the homepage of a group, tap on its name.

To become a member of a group, go to the top of the group page and select the “join group” button. So simple!

6th step

Some groups are private, and you must seek approval to access the group. If you select the “join group” button, you will most likely be added to the group.

7th step

Now have some fun! Participate in the discussion. If you appreciate someone’s comment, tap on their photo to view their profile. You’ll be able to learn a lot about s/he if s/he has an open profile.

Take a look at their pictures.

Take a look at what they at their spare time. On Facebook, holiday pictures are very popular. Do you share a similar set of interests? Add the Facebook user and initiate a private Facebook chat if you are interested.

Best 3 Alternative Dating Sites

Have you found that Facebook allows you to access other dating sites? Facebook is now into the online dating game and has made this possible in several ways. Check out these dating sites.

Coffee Meets Bagel users (Android; iOS)

Coffee Meets Bagel takes a different approach than many top dating apps, emphasising quality over quantity. Each day at midday, the app sends men a limited list of potential matches based on their profile and interests, while women are shown a list of matches who have expressed interest in them, with the option to reciprocate. If you both like each other, the app will set you up with a seven-day communication window and an icebreaker.

The dating app has been redesigned to emphasise user profiles, allowing you to comment on profiles and photographs to develop more relationships amongst Coffee Meets Bagel users.


Her is a dating and social networking app for lesbian, bisexual, and queer people. After logging in with your Facebook or Instagram accounts, you’ll see a trickle of activities from other verified Her users in your neighbourhood and throughout the world. You can Like other users’ pictures, and if there is a mutual interest, the app will connect you to communicate.

Of course, the app is about more than just meeting potential partners, with added features, stories, and posts on LGBTQ problems, events, and questions, among other things. While the app is free to download and use, a premium subscription unlocks additional capabilities.


Hinge, a dating app that refuses to follow in the footsteps of swipe-based apps like Tinder, focuses on relationships and fascinating chats. In fact, the service’s proclaimed goal is to convince you to uninstall the app entirely – probably since you’ve started a relationship and not because you’ve had it with the app.

Hinge snubs swipes in favour of a more in-depth profile that you may fill out with photos and personal tales. Users can then select to like or remark on anything on that profile, which acts as a conversation starter for both parties. You can check out new suggestions and discover who has liked something in your profile every day.

Hinge immediately implemented Date From Home capabilities in response to our shelter-in-place circumstances caused by the coronavirus outbreak. For example, collaboration with Chipotle and Uber Eats is being made to urge users to have socially distant dinner dates. Last year, Hinge introduced the Standouts feature, emphasising people more likely to be your type and themes that Hinge believe will ignite a conversation with your potential match.

There are so many other dating apps that you can access through Facebook. I hope this article helps.

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