How Can I See Hidden Friend List on Facebook? (Facebook Hidden Friends 2023)

Many Facebook users have important questions, including “How can I see hidden friend list on Facebook?” This may be relevant in a situation where someone is hiding their friends from you.

How Can I See Hidden Friend List on Facebook?

Facebook frequently introduces new features. It is possible to customize the Facebook interface so that your friend list is hidden from other users.

If you want to make your friend list visible only to you, there are steps you can take to do so. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to view a Facebook user’s hidden friend list.


How Can I See Hidden Friend List on Facebook?

It is not usually a simple process. Finding someone’s friend list is difficult.

Facebook users have become more sophisticated as they understand the risks associated with exposing their private information on Facebook. So, hiding a friend list is one way of protecting one’s Facebook account from cloning. It happens. Scammers and impersonators are on the prowl.

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Facebook Hidden Friends

With hidden friends on Facebook, it is possible to block your friends from viewing your Friend list. There are no lies; almost half of the total Facebook users already hide their friend list. The main reason for hiding my Facebook friend list is for the purpose of privacy. This is what the article is about: to show you how to see Facebook’s hidden friend list.

Facebook Friends List

Before delving further, we have to analyze what a friend list means in the context of Facebook.

A Facebook friend list contains all your friends’ names. It is a way of tracing a Facebook user’s mutual friends. It is a long list where you will find a person’s friend. Every Facebook user has a friend list. No exceptions.

How to See Hidden Friends on Facebook

So if you want to access a friend list of someone who has hidden his/her friend list, what will you find? Mutual friends.

Mutual friends are friends that you already have on your friend list. So today, I will be showing you how to find someone’s friend list that will contain both hidden friends and mutual friends.

But before you can see a hidden friend list on Facebook, you must have a Facebook account. As such, I will work you through the process of creating a new Facebook account.

Note: Facebook is free to open and free to use.

How to Create a Facebook Account

You have first to understand how to create a Facebook account before you have an idea of whether someone has a hidden Facebook account or not.

Feel free to skip this part if you already know how to do it.

Before you create a Facebook account, you will have to provide a valid email address and phone number.

Let’s show you how to open a Facebook account. Follow the steps below:

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How to do a Facebook Account Login

You will have to log in before you can access your Facebook account properly. So, before you begin checking for hidden friend lists, ensure you log in.

The steps below will guide you:

Easy right?

How to see someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook with a Social Revealer

In order to view someone’s hidden friend list, you will have to use a personal computer. You also have to install Google Chrome on that computer. Here’s the step below:

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View Someone’s Hidden Friends On Facebook without Social Revealer

In order to see someone’s hidden Friend list without a social revealer, use the following tips below:

Other Methods You Can Use to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook

How can I see hidden friend list on Facebook? Here are other methods that will help you see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook:

1. Check mutual friends

The first and most straightforward technique for viewing the hidden friend list of some users is to use the mutual friend functionality.

Here’s how to do it:
URL to Use:

You can see every one of these two users’ hidden mutual friends list by typing this combined URL into the search field.

2. Find friends of Someone from the Friends Tab

If you desire to see somebody else’s Facebook friends, but they are not on your friend list, you will only be able to see mutual friends rather than all of their friends.

If the user’s friend list is hidden, you can add the person on Facebook, and you will be included on his friends list if the user approves your request.

To view all of someone’s Friends on Facebook, click on their name.

First and foremost, go to that person’s Facebook profile.

Now, go to ID&sk=following and look at the Friends tab on your profile.

Replace the ‘PLACE ID’ with the ID of the profile of the person you wish to spy on the link.

When the link loads in a new tab, it will show all of the people the user has added to his Facebook account as friends.

3. Make use of the Friend Finder

This method can be used to discover a person’s Facebook friend list. However, you must share one connection with the user whose friend list you want to see. You may view the mutual friend list for both you and the person you’re targeting on the Friend Finder Page and the common link you both have.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Facebook and look for the “Friend Finder Page.”
  2. As you browse down the page, you’ll get to the category for mutual friends.
  3. Now look up the profile of the user whose friend list you’d like to see. You’ll be able to view the person you mutually know.

These are a few simple Facebook strategies that will allow you to see someone’s hidden Friend list. You can test out each of these methods to see which one works best for you.


How to Create a New Custom Friend List

Many people have a large number of Facebook friends, including family members, colleagues, personal friends, and neighbors. To post an update to particular people, create a custom friend list. Tap on any friend list to see a tiny News Feed with only that friend’s posts.

Here’s how to create a Facebook custom friend list:

Begin inputting the names of people you want to append to the list and give it a name. As you type their names into Facebook, it offers friends to you.

When you’ve completed adding friends to the list, click Create. The list will be added to your list of friends.

Hidden Friend List on Facebook FAQs

1. Who can follow me on Facebook?

Once someone adds you to their friend list on Facebook, they begin to follow you instantly. By tapping Public beside your post settings, you can allow individuals who’re not your Facebook friends to follow you.

To control who can follow you, do the following:

Additional settings:

You can choose who can leave comments on your public postings.

This option lets you choose whether or not you want to be notified when non-friends start to follow you and comment, share, or react to your postings.

This section lets you control who you can like and react to updates to your public profile’s Intro page. This will affect profile images, profile video content, cover photos, featured photos, and Feed upgrades.

You can access a listing of followers who aren’t yet your friends if your profile privacy settings are changed to Public.

Navigate to your profile page and tap Friends underneath your cover photo, then click More and then > Followers to see this list. You won’t see this selection if you have no followers. If you have no followers, you won’t be able to see who follows you on Facebook.


Users who have sent friend requests that you reject or dismiss will immediately start following you if you allow non-friends to follow you. A person can be blocked at any time if they are following you.

2. How do I use Facebook lists to organize my friends?

On Facebook, you can utilize lists to organize your friends. You can use a list to make an update to particular persons, such as coworkers or friends who reside nearby. Updates from specific groups of people can also be seen (e.g., close friends and family).

At any moment, you can add or delete friends from these lists.

Close friends:

You might wish to share with only a few friends.


People with whom you might like to share a little. You can select Friends except for acquaintances in the target filter to exclude these people when you post something.


This is a list of people you’ve added as friends but wouldn’t want to share information with, like your boss. When you add somebody to your Restricted list, they’ll only be able to read your public information and posts in which you’ve tagged them.

You can also make your own custom lists to organize your friends. You get to decide who goes on such lists and what privacy limitations (if any) apply.

To view your friend list, go to:

3. Can I Hide My Facebook Mutual Friends?

On Facebook, there is currently no option to hide only mutual friends. On the other hand, unique friends can be hidden between you and your friend, or you can hide a mutual friend list on Facebook by unfriending those mutual friends from your friend list. They will no longer appear as mutual friends on your page.

4. How can I Hide My Facebook Friends List?

With your phone, follow the steps below to hide your Facebook friends list.


You could need access to someone’s Facebook friend list if you’re looking for someone and can’t find them, but they’re mutual friends. You’ll need to run a graph search on Facebook to see someone’s hidden friend list. If you and your target profile have anything in common, the graph search will assist you to discover your target profile’s hidden friend list.

Because it has the biggest user base of around 2 billion people, Facebook is considered the most popular social media network. As a result, you’ll probably need to see someone’s hidden friend list at some point.

Follow the strategies outlined in this article to be able to access a friend’s hidden friends list.

Let us know how you found this post helpful.


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