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Many people especially young adults and music inclined people always spend their leisure time making videos of themselves singing, dancing, or doing anything they love doing.

They eventually share these videos with their fans and friends on social media to entertain and be entertained by their comments.

They are usually attracted to applications where they can explore and showcase their musical talents and as well video themselves in the process.

This is because it is cheaper, easier, and available to use. Apart from using it as an avenue to catch fun during their leisure time, upcoming music artists can also use it as an avenue to promote their business by uploading their videos to social media platforms to create awareness, get fans, build an audience, and they may eventually sell themselves through this process.

Are you looking for one of the latest music applications with new and amazing features where you can get to video yourself and showcase your talents to your fans and a larger audience?

Have you heard of Facebook Collaboration Application? It is a fantastic application that was launched early last year. With this application, you can create music videos with anyone, anywhere, at any time irrespective of if you are a professional or not, and you also get to mix, create and watch videos together.

Below are the full details of the Facebook Collaboration Application.

What is Facebook Collaboration Application?

Facebook Collaboration Application is an experimental music-making application developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation(NPE) team as an invite-only beta application back in May 2020 but presently now available for all to use.

In this application, you are allowed to create or make short-term music videos by combining a maximum of three independent music videos for a period of 15 seconds.

Three musicians can easily have the access to play a different part of a song and make the combination of those songs into a single video.

The video created will also be listed to a public collab feed where people can easily view them. The creator can also post to his or her social media pages.

Facebook Collaboration Application has numerous feed of videos uploads that users can easily check through and tap to watch just like the Tik Tok application.

The collab includes in-app tools to sync the parts of the music together so you don’t need to worry about the lineups. As you swipe left or right the video play at exactly the right moment to be in sync.

Facebook Collab App Download Steps And Procedure

The steps required to download the Facebook Collaboration Application are easy and simple, although there are some certain limitations to the application.

These include:

  1. The application is not yet integrated with Facebook but you can export the finished product to your Instagram story using an IOS spreadsheet.
  2. The application is only available to IOS users in United State or Canada.

Follow the steps below to download your Facebook Collaboration Application.

  1. Open your Google play store, do make sure you have a good internet connection.
  2. Search for Facebook Collaboration Application
  3. The application will appear on your screen, click on it and download to download.

After a successful download, what’s next? You need to know how to go about the application so that you can explore your Facebook Collaboration Application.

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So below I will be sharing with you tips on how to use the Facebook Collaboration Application

How To Upload Video On Facebook Collaboration Application

  1. Open your application and tap on the video and swipe to the left on one of the three rows that you wish to replace with your own video.
  2. Collab will show you a video upload button, and you can decide to upload a video saved in your camera roll. After doing that, Facebook Collaboration Application automatic video editing software will sync your recording with the other two videos.
  3. If you are interested in starting a Collaboration from the beginning, all you have to do is to upload three separate videos. When you do this, Facebook Collaboration Application will automatically sync into a cohesive production.

After which the three videos will be joined together in the final Collaboration. And it will be published to the application’s publish feed.

Who can use Facebook Collaboration Application?

As professional as this application may sound, I am glad to tell you that this application is not only used by professionals but by any and everybody that wants to use it.

In order to use the application, you do not need to be a musician or have any musical training or experience.

Once you create a Collaboration, what you need to do is to swipe on any row to bring in a new video clip.

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As earlier said the application is not yet open to people in all regions and not yet available to android users, although Facebook is working on making it available.

With this application people and friends can get to connect with one another, and watch videos of themselves even if they are not present together.

All they have to do is record their own part and mix it with their friend’s video or other people’s videos on the Collaboration feed.

This application brings people together especially musicians and fans. People also get to entertain themselves at home using their phones.

Facebook Collaboration Application is very similar to Tik Tok but with a combination of Collaboration aspect of short videos and mainly focusing on Music. So I hope this article has enlightened you on Facebook Collaboration Application, how to download and make good use of it.


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