Facebook Dating App Download Free for Singles – Create my Facebook Dating Profile 2022

Facebook dating app free download for singles is a Facebook dating feature that allows single Facebook users to find other singles in their area.

You might be a single lady or a divorced lady looking for ways to meet and connect with single guys or ladies but don’t know how or where to look; you’ve come to the right place.


First and foremost, keep in mind that the Facebook dating app is not a standalone application, as some people believe.

Some people even search their mobile store for the Facebook dating app. Well, you definitely won’t find it there because the dating app is not an independent app from Facebook.

Rather, the Facebook dating app is a Facebook recent feature that enables people to connect with other singles in their location. This feature makes matches from other single guys and ladies from your location available.

What this implies is that the Facebook dating app gives single individuals the opportunity to meet other single persons that share similar interests with them.

One outstanding feature of the Facebook dating app is that you are certain that Facebook won’t disclose your identity to your Facebook friends. What this means is that your Facebook friends won’t get to find out that you are doing Facebook dating.

That is, you can choose who will see your dating profile. Also, users can send messages to each other without having to match first.

Facebook Dating App Download

As already established, the Facebook dating app is not an independent app from the Facebook app you know.

One of the reasons why it is called a Facebook dating app is because the Facebook feature is packed with so many amazing features that you will find in an independent app.

A lot of people even prefer the Facebook dating feature to other online dating apps, given the benefit it has over others.

Hence, be rest assured that if you have access to the normal Facebook app, you also have access to the Facebook dating app.

Facebook Dating App Free Download

Dating on Facebook is totally free. All you need to do is to download the Facebook app, sign up with Facebook, and get started.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Facebook app, you have successfully installed the Facebook Dating app.

The Facebook dating app is a unique dating feature inside the main Facebook app. It is free to use as there is no subscription whatsoever.

Facebook Dating Sites

Like I said earlier, there are still other sites or apps that you can download to proceed with online dating.

These sites can either be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

Nevertheless, if you should ask me, I would choose Facebook Dating rather than having to start downloading apps and going through the stress.

Another reason is that the feature is secured and kept private. Also, Facebook does not show or share what you do inside the Facebook Dating to third parties and even your Facebook friends.

Below are some of the sites for singles to find a date:

How to Create my Facebook Dating Profile

After you have downloaded, installed the Facebook mobile app, and signed up, you can move on to creating a dating profile.

Read through to see how you can create a Facebook dating profile:

How to use Facebook Dating

Here is how to use the feature:

Facebook will send you matches after you follow the above steps.

Once you get a match, you will surely get a notification. And if the person you are matched with is okay with you, just click on the “heart icon” on his or her Dating feed.

Facebook Dating Not Working

You must note that not everyone has access to the Facebook dating feature. You can find this wonderful feature hard to access if:

What’s in Facebook dating?

Get ready to start swiping after your dating profile is created. That was a joke! Following in the footsteps of Hinge, Facebook Dating avoids the swiping model popularized by Tinder in favour of encouraging users to engage with potential dates in a more systematic manner.

No matter how many hearts or Xs you tap, you will either be “liking” or “passing” on a dating profile. Facebook dating lets you pick a feature on any dating profile and “like” or “comment” on it. It allows you to like someone’s full profile if you’re not in the mood for careful consideration by tapping the heart.

Facebook claims it presents possible matches on the basis of your stated interests and also the data you naively submitted to the site over the years.

Facebook shows you people’s dating profiles that reflect your interest. All you need to do is like them, and they will be notified. If they return the ‘likes’, you can be sure to match with them and immediately initiate a conversation with them.

Additionally, this operates both ways — Facebook dating will alert you to who has previously liked you, allowing you to choose or ignore them as you see fit.

Of course, all of these features may be compared to numerous popular dating applications. One component that is perhaps the only differentiating element of Facebook dating from others is the “Secret Crush” feature.

Facebook dating’s policy is that it doesn’t display any of your friends on Facebook, but the Secret Crush function provides a way to date people you probably know in real life and still maintain your privacy.

What is the meaning of Secret Crush?

Secret crush is a Facebook dating tool that lets you see if your secret admirers like you in return.

It is possible to set up a list of ten people that you are interested in after signing up for Facebook dating.

They’ll be informed that they have a secret crush when they also sign up for dating on Facebook. If they make a Secret Crush list and include you on it, Facebook will notify you both that you’ve matched.

Don’t worry: Facebook will only allow you to change out one crush per day to ensure that no one abuses the tool to find out who likes them.

Where is Facebook Dating Available?

Facebook dating has been somewhat slow to catch on, with Europe just getting it in 2020. The following is a list of the countries that can presently access the app:

Why Was Facebook Dating Created?

Facebook dating was designed to revolutionize the dating market, make online dating history, and offer a more effective strategy to meet single people all over the world. It isn’t a money-making venture.

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the planned rollout of Facebook Dating in 2018, he stated, “This is meant to be for developing meaningful, serious relationships, not just hookup.”

“If we’re fixated on assisting users in developing deep relationships, this may be the most significant of them.”

In 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the debut of Facebook Dating with enormous hype.

Because Facebook is a for-profit company, its charitable efforts in the love scene may appear dubious at first glance. It has been criticized for gathering data or struggling to stay popular among younger people.

To be honest, I believe Facebook Dating was established with a pretty decent goal of helping people to connect based on common interests and values. Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg wished to grow his social media company into an online dating empire.


By using Facebook dating, you are more likely to meet someone you connect with, creating long-term relationships based on similar interests, activities, and networks. The aim of the Facebook dating platform is authenticity and connection.

Facebook Dating is now available in the United States. In addition to Facebook friends, there’s the ability for people to link their Instagram photos directly to their Facebook Dating account, allowing them to showcase their love for certain things on Facebook. Additionally, there’s also the ability for people to connect their Secret Crush lists to their Facebook friends. There’s also a new feature to include Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Facebook dating is focused on ensuring a secure and accessible environment. When it comes to Facebook dating, quality, privacy, and confidentiality are at the forefront.

That’s all on the Facebook Dating App Free Download for Singles and How to Create my Facebook Dating Profile.

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