Delete Facebook Messages Fast – Facebook Fast Delete Messages Extension App

Do you wish to delete Facebook messages quickly? Oh, you’re wondering how, right? Instead of deleting one message at a time, you can delete all the messages with just one click.  However, to delete Facebook messages quickly, you would need to add the Chrome extension to your Desktop or computer to get started.

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Delete Facebook Messages Fast

Delete facebook messages fast is a method of deleting multiple messages at a time easily. The process is very simple and fast. All you need to do is add the Chrome extension to your desktop Chrome.

Aside from the Chrome extension, Facebook recently added a feature that allows you to delete messages with its messaging app, Messenger. With this feature, you can simply delete the message you sent and regret it immediately. However, for this feature, you need to select and hold on to the message. You can do this using Messenger on your mobile device or using your desktop.

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Facebook Fast Delete Messages Extension App

There are different Chrome extension apps that have been released to help you quickly delete messages. In this guide, I will provide you with one of the best you can use. To quickly delete messages on Facebook, you can Add Delete All Messages for the Facebook extension to get started.

This extension allows you to delete all messages on Facebook with just a click. In other words, it is a simple cleaner in your browser. You can effectively and simply remove all the messages from your Facebook account if you want. Messages can be selected specifically and deleted with just a click.

Usability & Major Functions

The Messenger Fast Delete Messages adds the delete icon instantly after activation in the Messenger interface. They also have two more options: they can remove messages individually or in mass if the inbox has to be emptied right away. This saves users a huge amount of time when compared to doing the same thing manually.

More Benefits and Options

Messenger Fast Delete Messages is only 9.03 kilobytes, which will please Messenger users. As a result, this requires almost no memory. This tool is only accessible in English at the moment. There are no in-app purchases because the program is absolutely free. This normally takes a little time to download.

Millions of users worldwide are familiar with Messenger Fast Delete Messages, and the majority of them find it useful.

Delete messages from Messenger is no longer a major concern. It can be accomplished with just one click, so it won’t deplete your energy or take up all of your time.

By downloading this tool, you can take advantage of its useful features plus a bunch of additional advantages, like the convenience of use, a tiny file size that guarantees minimum memory utilization, and more.

Fast Delete Messages Facebook – How to use Chrome Extension App

To use the extension, you would be required to log in to your account to start. Once installed, follow below;

  • Open the extension or Open Facebook on your Desktop and log in.
  • Then, look for the extension icon in the top right corner of your address bar.
  • Click on it to open the control panel.

Please authorize the extension on Facebook before starting to use it. Then, select the message thread you wish to delete.

How to Delete Facebook Messages – Facebook Messenger

If you have sent a message that you regret sending, you can simply remove or delete it from the account. Wondering how? Well, here’s the guide to follow;

  • You can use a mobile app or desktop.
  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile device or your desktop.
  • Sign in to Messenger if you signed out (using your Facebook login details).
  • Search for the conversation you wish to remove a message from and open it.
  • Press and hold on to the message on the mobile app or hit the dots menu on the desktop.
  • Then select or hit “Remove” and then choose “Remove for everyone.” The message will disappear immediately.

When you select remove for everyone, it means the message will disappear from both the sender and receiver. Users are given 10 minutes to delete or remove newer messages.

Update: A New Feature in Messenger Allows You to Delete Messages for Everyone

Have you ever sent a message to the wrong bunch of friends, misspelled something incorrectly, or just wanted to delete a message from a chat? You’re not the only one who feels this way! Starting today, you’ll be able to instantly delete your message on Messenger, whether it’s to a single person or a group chat.

Simply tap on the message you wish to delete and select “Remove for Everyone” from the drop-down menu. The message that has been erased will be replaced by information that informs everyone in the chat that the message has been removed. Once a message has been sent, you will have 10 minutes to delete it.

If you only wish to delete a message for yourself, you can do it at any moment by choosing “Remove for You.” The message will be erased for you but not for anyone else in the chat if you select this option.

We encourage you to report interactions that do not follow Facebook Community Standards. On the newest versions of iOS and Android, the delete message for everyone tool is available to Messenger users worldwide.

Delete Facebook Messages Fast FAQ

What is the best way to delete several messages in Messenger?

Go to Facebook and sign in.

Tap See all in the Messenger app

Tap on the options gear beside the chat.

If you wish to remove all of the messages, select Delete.

Can you delete a bunch of Facebook messages at once?

You cannot entirely remove all of your Messages on Facebook in one go, but you can remove a single chat. A Facebook message can only be deleted from your account; the contact or receipt to whom you sent it will always access it.

How do you delete Messenger messages after 1 hour?

Just click “Remove for Everyone” after tapping on the message you wish to delete. The message that was deleted will be replaced by text notifying the rest of the chat that the message was deleted. ‘ After a message has been sent, you have 10 – 15 mins to delete it.

How do you remove Messenger texts after 10 mins?

If you want to remove a message from either side of the chat after ten minutes, you can do so via Messenger. Access the chat and locate the message you wish to delete. Then, while holding down the message, tap Delete from the option.

Are you planning to delete your Facebook messages fast? Now, that’s very possible. This is very advantageous since you can delete all messages instantaneously rather than one after the other. To successfully delete your chats on Facebook fast, you have to install the Chrome extension on your Desktop or PC to get started.

Can you auto-delete Facebook messages?

At the upper part of your chat, select the person’s name or the group chat name. Select Disappearing Messages. Pick when you’d like messages to be auto-deleted from the conversation after they’ve been viewed. Select Ok.

When you block someone on Facebook, can they see old messages?

If you block anybody on Facebook and Messenger, both of you won’t be able to access each other’s activities and also not be able to chat with one another. Old conversations will remain in the inbox, but the name of that person won’t be clickable.

What happens when someone blocks you on Facebook?

When a person unfriends you or blocks you, you have no access to them in your friend list. On the other hand, if somebody unfriends you, you can view their profile and access the “add friend” option.


Have you ever mistyped something, wanted to delete a message, or sent a message to the wrong group of pals?

To remove a message, tap on it and then pick the “Remove for Everyone” option. Once the message is withdrawn, an alert message will be posted to everyone in the conversation, letting them know it has been removed. After sending a message, you have up to 10 minutes to erase it.

Even if you don’t want anybody else to see the message, you may still remove it. Just choose “Remove for You” from the box below. Selecting this option will ensure that the message is completely erased and not removed for everybody else in the chat.

You can also report any violation of Facebook’s Community Standards. This new feature is available for iOS and Android users.

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