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Facebook Dating App Free for Singles – Dating on Facebook Download 2020


If you are quite familiar with Facebook, you will agree with me that it keeps getting updated by the day with new features.

Recently, Facebook added another new feature known as the Facebook dating app. The Facebook dating app is designed by Facebook to help Facebook single users find love.

Now, getting hooked up on Facebook is now very easy with this newly introduced feature.

If you are a Facebook user who wishes to utilize the Facebook dating app feature, this article will help you get started with Facebook dating.

Is Facebook Dating Available In My Area?

The Facebook dating feature is a new feature, hence, it is not available for everybody. If you wish to find out if this feature is available in your location, there is an easy way to know.

To find out if Facebook dating is available for you, go to your Facebook homepage or newsfeed, you will see a dating notice at the top.

Also, at the top of your Facebook profile, you will find a red heart icon. Clicking on any of these will take you right straight to the Facebook dating app.

However, if you cannot find any of this, it simply means the Facebook dating feature is not available in your location.

Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook dating feature is a newly launched Facebook feature. This feature is designed to help Facebook singles find other singles like themselves on the Facebook platform, to mingle.

The Facebook dating feature is sometimes referred to as the Facebook dating app. The reason for this is because the Facebook dating app is packed with dating features that made it looks like an independent app from Facebook.

In recent times, a lot of persons now prefer the Facebook dating app to other dating apps. One of the reasons is because the Facebook dating app is a completely free feature.

Unlike other dating apps, you do not need to pay money to make use of the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook Dating

Aside from the Facebook dating app that I have mentioned in brief to this point, you can also connect with other Facebook singles using the Facebook singles group.

One advantage of using the Facebook singles group is that it is available to everyone, unlike the Facebook dating app that is yet not available for all Facebook users.

Also, there are thousands of Facebook dating groups on Facebook. Hence, it is easy to find a dating group that suits your needs completely.

Facebook Account Setup

Facebook dating, whether the Facebook dating app or the Facebook dating feature is available only to Facebook users. Hence, you must first have access to Facebook before you can use any of its features.

In this section, I will show you how to create a new Facebook account, so you can access Facebook dating.

  • Go to the Facebook website.
  • Then click the “sign up” or “create a new account” link or button.
  • After that enter your details and then click the sign up below.
  • Once you have done that, you will now have to verify your account creation.
  • When you have typed it the digits needed to verify your account, click “confirm” or “continue.”

Facebook Dating Groups

Here are the steps below for you to join the Facebook dating groups.

  • Just login to your Facebook account.
  • Then access your search bar at the top of the Facebook page.
  • Now type “Facebook dating groups”.
  • Then click search.
  • You are going to see lots of dating groups, select the one you would like to join.
  • Then click join, now there might be questions asked since is rated over 18.
  • Once there are questions, answer the questions correctly, then click on submit.

This is how you can easily join the Facebook dating groups.

Facebook Dating App

If you want to make use of the Facebook dating app, if it is available in your country then read the guidelines below;

  • Also go to your profile, and you will see a heart icon at the top.
  • Then click it. This will lead you to the Facebook dating room.
  • Now I will show you how you can create an account, a dating account.
  • Go to the dating room.
  • Then select a gender.
  • Also, confirm your location.
  • Now there will be 12 profile tiles; each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the Facebook dating questions.
  • Just tap on the questions you want to be displayed on your dating profile.
  • Then answer the question in an exciting way. Questions are also very to let matched know more about you.
  • After that, select your dating photo, a unique one.
  • Once you have done that you can now specify your match criteria in the dating settings.

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