Facebook App Dating 2023 Unavailable – Can’t Access Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not a new thing, as it has been on for a while, through various Facebook groups.

However, in an attempt for Facebook to make it easy for people to not only connect with each other on the Facebook platform but also find love, Facebook created the Facebook dating app.

The idea is that the Facebook dating app will allow Facebook users to enjoy features that are found in other dating apps.

Though the Facebook dating app is not a stand-alone app, it, however, is designed in such a way that makes it looks like it is an app of its own.

I mean it is packed with a lot of dating app features.

Facebook Dating App Download

A lot of Facebook users are confused as to how they can get the Facebook app on their devices. You see, the thing is, if you are searching for how to download the Facebook dating app from app store, you will never find it.

The reason being is that the Facebook dating feature is not a separate app from the usual Facebook app. It is a featured designed inside Facebook account.

Hence, if you wish to access the Facebook dating app, you simply download the Facebook mobile app and access it from there.

Can’t Access Facebook Dating

You can access the Facebook dating app from your Facebook mobile app. However, if you cannot find the Facebook dating app on your Facebook account, then it could be that the Facebook dating app is not available for your country yet.

To check if it is available to your country, go to the dating notification at the top of your newsfeed on your homepage.

You will find a red heart icon located at the top of your account profile. If you are able to find it, then it means the feature is available to your country.

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But if you cannot find it, it means you don’t have access to the Facebook dating app in your country.

Also, you must be up to 18 years, before you can be eligible for Facebook dating.

To create a Facebook account:

Before you can access the Facebook dating app, you must have a Facebook account.

If you do not have a Facebook account yet, follow the process below to create one.

How to Access Facebook Dating App

To access the Facebook dating app you should follow the steps below to create a Facebook Dating profile for yourself:

10 solutions to resolve Can’t Access Facebook Dating (Fixed)

Update Facebook App to Resolve Facebook Dating

An older version of Facebook could be one of the main causes of Facebook Dating Not Working/Down.

So here’s what you need to do:

Check your WiFi connection to see if this is the cause of your Facebook not loading issues.

Facebook Dating Not Working might be caused by a faulty or unreliable internet connection.

Ensure you:

Turn on Location Services.

If this is your first time using Facebook dating, you must enable location services on your phone.

The use of location services helps create suggestions about people using the Facebook dating app near you.

Here’s how to enable location to prevent the Facebook dating app from crashing:

Tap the gear icon so that you can access the Settings menu.

Now turn on the option and see whether the Facebook Dating Not Working issue has been resolved.

To Fix Facebook Dating Issues, Enable Facebook App Notifications

Facebook Dating Errors can happen because Facebook Dating notifications have been turned off or disabled.

So make sure you have your Facebook notifications turned on:

Make Sure Facebook Isn’t Down.

If other users are reporting that Facebook Dating isn’t working, it’s safe to assume that Facebook is down as well.

To see if the Facebook dating app isn’t working, go to the Facebook Platform Status page.

Alternatively, use the hashtag #facebookdown on Twitter.

If the above strategy fails to resolve the Facebook dating issue, proceed to the next step.

Clear the Cache on Your Mobile Device to Access Facebook Dating

The cache can get corrupted, resulting in a Facebook Dating app issue.

So wiping your phone’s cache will prevent Facebook from running on Android and will not destroy any of your personal information.

Restart your device if Facebook isn’t working on your phone.

Turning your phone off and on again will fix Facebook Dating Not Working since it will re-establish connections.

To restart your device, follow these steps:

Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app.

The bare minimum we can do to get the Facebook Dating app for Android to work is to reinstall it.

Andriod (Android):

For iPhone users:

 Contact Facebook to Resolve the Facebook Dating Issue

If none of the above techniques worked, you can contact the Facebook support centre and report the problem so that the Facebook dating app can be fixed.

About Facebook Dating 2022

Thankfully, your dating Facebook profile is kept distinct from your regular Facebook one.

Your dating activities are never published to your Facebook timeline, despite the fact that it’s linked to your main account.

Your dating profile isn’t restricted to your Facebook friends. Rather, your “recommended” profiles (people Facebook believes you should connect with) will be based on your hobbies, interests, and other Facebook activities.

You might also be interested in the privacy settings that are featured in Facebook Dating.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Facebook Dating is an opt-in service, meaning you may only join it if you specifically want to do so. If you decline to join, Facebook will not build a separate dating profile for you to link to your normal profile on its behalf.

Additionally, Facebook Dating allows you to decide whether or not your Facebook mutual can be recommended as potential matches, or if you choose to keep your dating world separate from your Facebook profile.

So, even though you join Facebook Dating, you can be confident that your employer will never see your profile unless you specifically allow them to. The same might be said about your prying cousins. What a breath of fresh air.

Is it possible to delete my Facebook dating profile?

Sure! You can discontinue using Facebook dating at any time. Just go to your dating account’s settings and tap “remove profile.” It’s crucial to remember that removing your FB dating profile also erases your profile with its entire data, so be completely certain you’re ready to quit using the service or restart before deleting.

Why am I unable to screenshot the Facebook Dating App?

The Fb Dating development team designed a security feature that prevents users from screenshotting as part of an initiative to build users ’ confidence. The disadvantage is that screenshots aren’t possible. On the plus side, your personal details and pictures are a bit safer. That, we believe, is a fair trade-off.

Is it possible to blacklist users on Facebook Dating?

Yes! You can indeed block people you come in contact with via the application, but you can also block those you know you would not wish to connect to on Facebook Dating. Facebook’s settings can be used to achieve this.

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