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Do you want to know how to access your Facebook 6-digit confirmation code list? Β In this post, we’ll explain all you have to know about the method of accessing the Facebook 6-digit confirmation code list. You will also be given detailed information on how to get a Facebook code generator.

How To Access Facebook 6 digit Confirmation Code List

So, if you’re one of the many Android users looking for a Facebook Code Generator Bypass tutorial, this post will satisfy your curiosity. Keep reading below and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this post!!!

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However, before we go into the How To Get Facebook 6 Digit Confirmation Code List, let’s have a look at how to set up a Facebook account.

Set up a Facebook App Account Profile

If you’re looking for a tutorial on How To Obtain Facebook 6 Digit Confirmation Code List, here are the procedures to sign up for a Facebook account that will grant you access into the settings menu.

Head to the Google Play Store and input “Facebook App” in the search box.

Once you find it, tap on install.

After installation, launch the app.

Once you get to the homepage of the Facebook app, select the “create new account” tab.

You must now complete the form by providing your correct name, mobile number or email address, password, birth date, and gender information.

To proceed, select Signup.

Following that, copy and paste the confirmation code you have received into the required form.


How to Sign Up with Facebook on a Computer

The following are the steps that will help you set up your Facebook account:

Go to and sign up for an account.

Once you’ve done so, go to the upper or lower part of the screen or page and click the “create a new account” link.

After that, you’ll be taken to a new page with several blank boxes.

Those boxes should have personal information in them.

Now enter your name, email address, telephone number, password, gender, and birthday.

Once you’ve completed all of the steps correctly, select the signup button.

A verification message will be delivered to your email address or telephone number.

To verify your registration, the message comprises digits.

Fill in those digits in the Facebook confirmation box.

Then click the “proceed” button.

You’ve completed the sign-up process and are officially a Facebook user.

Congratulations! Your Facebook account is now active. You can now use the platform to access a variety of Facebook features.

Steps to Login to Your Facebook Account

If you have a Facebook profile and are trying to find out how to sign in, these are the steps to take:

Open your browser and go to

Next, look for a place where you can input your login information. Now, you’ll need to input the account’s phone number or email address.

Input password

After that, select login to access your account.

It’s that basic and straightforward. You’ll be redirected to your FB profile after that. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to work.

How To Access Facebook 6-Digit Confirmation Code List

The reality is that generating a Facebook 6-digit confirmation code might be difficult, especially if you’ve recently acquired a new phone number or want to log in to your Facebook account using a different browser.

The Facebook Code Generator is mostly used to ensure the security of your Facebook account by preventing unwanted access by an unknown device.

Two-step verification, often known as two-factor authentication, is a new technique for safeguarding accounts that has been implemented on all social networking platforms.

For the most part, two-factor authentication is an online verification system that requires a user to properly provide two or more layers of evidence to an identification mechanism, including both a password and a passcode sent to the account’s linked phone number.

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However, based on your settings, the Facebook Code Generator will create a fresh six-digit confirmation code and send it to your smartphone, particularly if you sign in to your profile using a different device.

You can find your 6-digit Facebook confirmation code under the Settings section of your Facebook application. The issued code usually ends in 30 to 60 seconds, so if you can’t log in within that limited time, you’ll have to re-generate the confirmation number.

However, if your phone does not have online access or SMS, the code generator will not operate. You can verify your account with the aid of a code generator.

Where to Find Facebook Code Generator

You’ll need your regular phone or the phone from which you activated the code generator to access a Facebook code generator.

Open the Facebook application.

Select “More options” from the drop-down menu next to notifications.

You’ll find a Code Generator option under “Help & Settings.”

Select “Code Generator”

It will generate a six-digit confirmation code for you.

How to Bypass the Facebook Code Generator

If you don’t have access to the Facebook code generator, follow the instructions below to sign in without one:

Try any other phone or computer that you’ve used before. If it succeeds, you can now disable the Facebook code generator and sign in to your new phone. Enter the recovery code to log in if you’ve previously saved them.

You can use the recovery keys to sign in without using a Facebook code generator.

Below the β€œEnter Login Code” window, you will see β€œDidn’t receive a code?”

Select “Text me a login code” by clicking on it.

A confirmation code will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Bypassing Facebook’s Two-Factor Authentication

Another strategy to get around Facebook’s two-factor authentication or 6-digit confirmation number is to do the following:

To log in, navigate to the window that requests a code.

You’ll see an option titled β€œ “Need another method of authentication” under it.

When you select it, a window will appear with four alternative options for logging in without a security code.

“Text Message” is the first. You will receive a login code to your linked phone number, which you may use to log in. This is the simplest technique to get around the 6-digit Facebook confirmation code.

Another alternative is to log in using a different device. This will deliver a notification to any other device you’ve already logged into, and you’ll need to accept this log in.

You can also omit or sidestep the Facebook code generator by clicking “Skip and turn off Facebook two-factor authentication.”

Facebook Code Generator Not Sending Text Messages

A few people have reported not receiving the text message after choosing the “text me login code” option, as well as not receiving Facebook’s two authentication codes. It could be caused by any of the following factors:

Verify that the registration number is the same.

If you’ve just switched service providers, you might be having trouble receiving codes.

A delay in delivery might occur at any time, so be patient.

How to Change Your Facebook Phone Number

If you actively do not use the mobile number connected to your Facebook account for any reason, you can update it to your new phone at any time by following the steps below:

Sign into Facebook on a Windows or MacBook computer, then click “Settings” from the button in the upper corner of your home page.

From the left-hand menu, choose “Mobile.”

If your profile isn’t linked to a contact number, you can input one by selecting “+ Add a Phone.” If you haven’t already done so, click “+ Add another mobile phone number” to start a new one.

Input your phone number and choose whether you want Facebook to authenticate it with an SMS or a phone call. “Continue” should be selected.

You can verify your phone number via text or phone call.

Click “Confirm” after entering the validation code you received from Facebook.

On Facebook, you can erase a phone number by selecting the “Remove” button next to the number you wish to get rid of.

What is a Code Generator, and how does it work?

Code Generator is a Facebook application security tool that works with two-factor verification. When you enable it, your smartphone will create a unique passcode that you can use to confirm your identity when logging in from a different device or web browser.

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have access to a short message service (SMS) or a broadband connection when you use Code Generator on your smartphone; it functions properly without them. If you ever have to change your password, it can serve that purpose.

Code Generator security codes for two-factor verification are usually six digits long and expire after 30 – 60 seconds. However, this is usually based on the smartphone you are using.

To reset your Code Generator, if your security code isn’t functioning, click “My code doesn’t work on your mobile device.”.

Why am I unable to input a six-digit code on Facebook?

if you are unable to receive the Facebook six-digit code, it may be due to a poor network connection or an incorrect phone number. This indicates that the Facebook account you’re trying to sign into on your smartphone isn’t linked to the number on your device.

What are the other reasons for not receiving a 6-digit code from Facebook?

Your inability to receive the Facebook 6-digit code can be a result of a poor network or an incorrect phone number. This implies that the phone number on your smartphone is not linked to the Facebook account you wish to access.

How can I get a Facebook code by SMS?

Here are the steps involved in receiving a one-time password for Facebook:

  • Generate a short message to 32665 to receive an OTP.
  • As long as your phone number is connected to your Facebook account, you will receive a 6-character password after a few minutes.
  • Ensure you input the code into the password box on the Facebook login page.
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