Facebook Dating Not Showing Up In Menu

Facebook has not only been a great way to connect with friends and family but also a great source of entertainment. Facebook has launched its dating service, which is a convenient choice for many. But the Facebook app has a problem that many individuals experience.

That’s why Facebook dating doesn’t appear in the options. We’ve brought a useful tutorial showing you how to fix the problem in this article.

dating menu not showing

Some of the problems Facebook users occasionally experience with the dating service after enabling it to include:

Reasons Why Facebook Dating Doesn’t Work

If you’re having issues with Facebook Dating, one of the following factors is possibly to blame:

How to Fix Facebook Dating not Showing Up in Menu

In order to get Facebook Dating to function properly, try these steps:

Facebook app update

You should update your Facebook mobile app to the most recent version if Facebook Dating does not appear. To keep all of your apps up to date, you can enable automatic updates on iOS and Android devices.

Verify your internet connection 

You may need to troubleshoot your wireless connection if other apps are giving you issues while you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.  When your mobile data stops working, there are a few things you may attempt to fix it if you have a data plan.

Allow notifications from the Facebook app

Make sure to make an exception for Facebook or turn notifications back on if you have disabled app notifications.

Delete the cache on your Android or iPhone device

To make apps run more quickly, your device stores data, but occasionally this data becomes corrupted, causing apps to cease functioning properly. Any conflicts can be resolved by clearing the cache on your iPhone or Android device.

Verify if Facebook is unavailable

There is probably nothing you can do but wait till Facebook is functioning normally if other users are having problems with it.

Exit the Facebook application

On iPhones and Android smartphones, closing apps might correct small issues that result in features disappearing.

Restart the computer

A restart can solve a variety of computer issues. See if the problem is resolved by turning on and off your device.

Remove the Facebook app and install it again

A possible solution is to uninstall the software from iOS or Android and then download it again from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Speak with the Facebook Help Desk 

You can contact Facebook’s technical support staff if you’re still having trouble using Facebook Dating and no one else is reporting any problems with the service.

How Do I Delete Facebook Cache?

Where Can I Find a Facebook Dating Shortcut?

Facebook dating shortcuts are only available in a few countries and can be discovered within the Facebook app.

In April 2021, the Facebook dating app was released in India. However, some iPhone and Android users may not discover the dating option on their devices.

You now know the precise procedures to follow in order to fix Facebook dating not showing. If you have any questions, please drop it in the comment section below.