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Do you always want to keep your readers engaged on your Facebook page by an active stream of interesting content but have a lot of tasks to do that hinders you from posting at the specific time the content is to be posted?

Do you want to post on your Facebook on a later time but do not know how to go about it?

In this article, I will be showing you on how to schedule a post on Facebook in other to make things easier and faster for you.

I have got to realize a lot of people schedule a post for different reasons. For instance, if you are a business person in the US, you post contents of your goods on Facebook for your customers which are not in the US.

However, you may need to consider their time zone over there and schedule your post for that time or you are a story writer that post two content on your page every day to engage your readers. You can schedule your post for morning and evening hours on Facebook.

You can only schedule a post for a business or organization page because Facebook no longer allows for post scheduling on personal accounts. Knowing how to schedule a Facebook post is helps a lot because.

• It saves time creating an individual post
• Provide consistent content for your followers
• Connect and engage with more people
• It is helpful to any frazzled social media marketers constantly trying to keep up with post content.
• It’s also the antidote to those sad and mostly empty Facebook pages you see where the last post was from years ago.

In this article, I will be briefing you on how to schedule a post on Facebook to make work easier for you. Scheduling a post on Facebook can be done in two ways;

  1. Natively – This method uses Facebook’s own posting scheduler.
  2. Third-party scheduler – This method leverages social media management and posting tool such as Hootsuite

How To Schedule A Post On Facebook Using Natively Method

To schedule a post you must have a Facebook page and if you do not have a page you will have to create one. After your page is set and ready, follow the steps below to schedule a post on Facebook;

STEP 1: Create a Post

Go to the top of your Facebook page’s timeline, you will see the box to create a post. Create a post for your page followers to see and engage in.

STEP 2: Select Schedule

Once you have created a post, go to the drop-down button next to Publish and select “schedule.” That will bring you to a window that will allow you to set a time you want your post to go up.

STEP 3: Select a Date and Time

Now select a date and time you want your post to go up. This is completely your decision to make.

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It may be due to the reason you are scheduling a post. Although the best time to schedule a post is within the hours of 12pm to 3pm on weekdays and 12pm to 1pm on weekends

STEP 4: Click Schedule

Tap on the schedule button and schedule your post.

If you followed the steps above carefully, you have successfully scheduled your post. If for some reason you decided to delete the post or reschedule it or you made a mistake and you want to edit it, do not panic there is always a way out. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Steps to Edit, Reschedule or Delete your Scheduled Post

To edit, reschedule or delete your post, follow the steps below.

1. Click publishing tools at the top of your page
2. Click Schedule posts in the left column
3. Click the post you want to edit
4. Click the edit to edit the post, click the drop-down button to choose to publish, delete or reschedule.

How To Schedule A Post On Facebook Using Third Party Scheduler

This is like a Facebook auto poster tool. Below are the steps to follow.

STEP 1: Click on Compose Message

At the top of your Hootsuite dashboard, you will find the box where you can compose messages.

Type in your message, make sure you select the desired Facebook profile(s) from the Facebook picker in the left-hand box.

STEP 2: Click the calendar icon

With this, you will be able to set the date and time you want your post to be uploaded on your page.

STEP 3: Click Schedule

Click on schedule and your post will be uploaded at your fixed time and date.

Just like the Nativity method you can always edit, reschedule and delete your post if the need arises.

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Here is how to go about it.

  1. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, click on the “Paper airplane publisher ” icon
  2. Click on either the planer or content tabs
  3. Click on the post you want to edit
  4. Edit your scheduled post. At the bottom, you will see an option for rescheduling and delete content, go for the one you want.

That’s all. I hope this article was helpful?


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