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Facebook Movies or Facebook Watch is a Facebook streaming service that allows users to watch and share movies as well as create premium content.

It is a platform within Facebook where users can discover, watch, and interact with a variety of video content.

Creators on Facebook can upload short or long-length videos. Users can also upload funny videos, drama series, or news. It is free to use, but you must have a Facebook account to access the Facebook movies.

You can watch shows and videos from creators on your TV using the Facebook Watch app. You can play videos from the Facebook App for iPhone using the Facebook Watch feature.

What is Facebook Movies?

In addition to the Facebook Marketplace and Messenger tabs, Facebook now has a Facebook mobile tab called Facebook Watch.

Facebook movies are created by Facebook and are accessible to Facebook users through the main Facebook interface. Facebook movies can be viewed on any streaming device or via the mobile app.

Many people are unaware that they can watch a full movie on Facebook, just as they can on Netflix or Disney Plus.

How to Watch Facebook Movies
watch Facebook movie series shows

I’m sure you are stunned.

You don’t have to be.

Facebook has allowed it to be possible for movie watchers to watch and upload movies on Facebook. The platform is Facebook Movies.

How to Watch a Facebook Movie (Facebook Watch)

The only requirement for using Facebook Watch is that you have a Facebook account in the first place. There is no need to install or download any additional apps because all Facebook movie content can be accessed directly from the Facebook website.

Follow the instructions below to begin streaming movies on Facebook movies

  • Log in to your Facebook profile on your computer or mobile device.
  • Choose Watch from the menu at the top of the page when you’re using Facebook on a PC.
  • Pick the 3 horizontal bars to enter the menu in the Facebook app on your phone, then tap Videos on Watch.
  • Choose a video or a tv series to enjoy.

How to Find Facebook Movies

Facebook Movie is similar to Messenger or Marketplace in that it is deeply connected with Facebook yet functions as an independent category from the regular News Feed.

There are no channels on it. Facebook Movie is more similar to YouTube. Each series has its own Series Page, where you can locate all of the episodes, learn something about them, discover what other users have been saying about them, and engage with other users.

Facebook Movies has a wide range of material from creators that use the platform, similar to how they use YouTube and Instagram TV. If you like the content on those platforms, there’s a decent possibility you’ll like them on Facebook Watch as well.

In just the same style as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu Plus, the company funds Facebook Originals as well as user-generated material. Fresh entertainment and theatrical shows, stage plays, chat shows, and news programs are all part of this unique content.

It also contains baseball, NBA, golfing, high school football, and other live-streaming sports content.

Do You Have the Ability to Upload Your Own Clips to Facebook Movies?

Any Facebook user can post videos to the social media platform. If you want your film to appear in Facebook movies, you must submit it to a Facebook page rather than your personal account.

Even if you upload movies to a Facebook page, there’s no assurance that they’ll appear on Facebook movies. All you can do is strive to ensure that your material appears professional, conveys clear information to the people, and is produced consistently. The more videos you upload, the more fans your page will gain, and the more likely your material will be featured on Facebook movies.

Facebook Movie Parties

Movie parties are a Facebook feature that allows a group of people to gather and watch the same video (or a playlist of videos) at the same time. The video is synchronized, so everyone can watch it at the same time, and you can chat about what’s going on in real time by typing into the chatbox in the Facebook Movies party window.

Facebook Movies Together

Movies Together, like Movie Party, allows friends to view Facebook videos via video chat and Messenger Rooms. This functionality is available in the Messenger and Messenger Rooms mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Start a Messenger video call or create a Messenger room to use movies together. Then swipe up to get to the menu, where you can choose Watch Together. Select a video from one of the categories, such as TV & Movies or Uploaded. Facebook also makes recommendations depending on your actions.

You can view a Messenger video call with up to eight individuals, while Messenger rooms can hold up to 50 people.

How to Download Facebook Videos/Movies for Free

You may be wondering if you can download Facebook movies to watch; the answer is YES! Downloading Facebook videos for offline viewing is indeed possible. While it might seem a bit complex at first, fear not because we’re here to guide you through it! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you two dependable methods to download Facebook videos to your computer, phone, or tablet.

1. Go to Google Chrome

2. Search

3. Then go to the Facebook video you wish to download.

4. Copy the video’s address. Here’s how:
On a computer, click the video to start playing it, highlight the URL at the top of your browser, and then press Control + C (PC) or Command + C (Mac).
If you are using a phone or tablet, tap Share below the video and choose Copy Link from the menu.

5. Paste the video address. To paste the URL, right-click (or long-tap on a phone or tablet) the field that says, “Enter the Facebook video link here” and select Paste, as shown below

6. Click the Download button. will display the available video quality options.

7. Click on Download next to your preferred quality to download. Once the download is complete, you’ll find the video in your downloads folder

List of Facebook Movie Original Content

Title Genre
SKAM Austin Teen drama
Five Points Teen drama
Sacred Lies Drama


Turnt Teen drama
Sorry for Your Loss Drama
The Birch Horror/Drama
Limetown Drama
Stereoscope Horror, Drama


Title Genre
Strangers Comedy-drama
Queen America Dark comedy

Title Genre
I Want My Phone Back (seasons 2–3) Game show
Loosely Exactly Nicole (season 2) Comedy
Real Bros of Simi Valley (season 2) Comedy
The Real World (season 33) (plus 2 international editions) Reality


Title Genre
Humans of New York: The Series Human interest
Bill Murray & Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings Sports/Comedy
Tom vs Time Sports
Fly Guys Sports
Behind the Wall: Bubba Wallace Sports
Inside the Madness: Kentucky Basketball Sports
I Am More: OBJ Sports
Most Incredible Homes Real estate
365 Days Of Love Human interest
Mormon Love Mormonism
9 Months with Courteney Cox Pregnancy
Curse of Akakor Mystery


Title Genre
Human Kind Of Adult animation/Comedy
Liverspots and Astronots Adult animation/Comedy
Human Discoveries Adult animation/Comedy

Title Genre
Live: Stadium College Football College football
Live: Stadium College Basketball College basketball
WWE Mixed Match Challenge Professional wrestling
MLB Live Baseball
JBA League Basketball
BIG3 on FOX Basketball
PGA Tour Live Golfing
Nitro World Games Action sports
Golden Boy Fight Night Boxing
Friday Night Poker Poker
Lucha Capital Professional wrestling

Title Genre
Fox News Update News program
Anderson Cooper Full Circle News program
Mic Dispatch News program
At What Cost? News program
Undivided ATTN: News program
Quartz News News program
More in Common News program
On Location News program
An Imperfect Union News program
Business Insider Today News program
Real America with Jorge Ramos News program
Chasing Corruption News program
NowThis Morning News program
Consider It News program
Cut Through The Noise News program

Reality show

Title Genre
Ball in the Family Sports
Returning the Favor Reality
Make Up or Break Up Reality
Win This House! Reality/Realty
No Script with Marshawn Lynch Sports/Comedy
RelationShipped Reality competition
BackCourt: Wade Sports
The Tattoo Shop Reality
Bear Grylls: Face the Wild Nature
Help Us Get Married Reality
Huda Boss Reality
Sneaker Hustle Reality
Troy The Magician Reality
You Kiddin’ Me Comedy
Big Chicken Shaq Reality
Double Take Comedy
Will Smith’s Bucket List Reality


Facebook Watch

Facebook is also introducing show pages, which are essentially your show’s portal.

It also intends to allow individuals to monetize their broadcasts with ad breaks.

Shows can be produced in numerous ways that adhere to the new platform’s requirements.

Assuming you’re a management consultant, you can make a show where you interact with one company per episode and tell their narrative from beginning to end, offering lessons and ideas along the way.

If you’re a professional cook, you may start a culinary show with weekly episodes presenting different meals. You can also launch a facelift series to flaunt your makeup artistry and beauty blogging abilities.

Other sites, such as YouTube, can, however, allow content creators to produce their own programs and structure them into playlists and recurring themes.

However, given Facebook’s worldwide popularity, this new tool can offer some unique opportunities for brands and personalities to expand and interact with their followers.

What Distinguishes Facebook Watches From Other Streaming Platforms?

Because the streaming video market is so competitive, Facebook had to come up with a solution to make Facebook Watch shine. Facebook Watch is unique in three possible ways, all of which augur well for its long-term viability.

1. Original video content

The content is primarily limited to Facebook Watch and can’t really be found anywhere else, and it can be watched via a tab named “Watch.”

2. It is Free

Facebook Watch is completely free to watch since it is monetized via advert breaks. They only need to be signed into their Facebook account to do so.

3. It is Personalized

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, Facebook Watch is highly personalized in a way that no other streaming service has ever been.


A lot of people may not know that it is easy to stream full movies on Facebook. It is very easy now to find movies on Facebook. It is exactly the same as shopping on Facebook or finding a friend.

Still confused? The Facebook search bar is the most powerful tool on Facebook. It can be used as to source for virtually everything. The entire Facebook interface can be opened up with a proper search. You can use the Facebook search bar to search for a movie and watch it.

How do I watch a movie on Facebook? well, if you are a fan of fantasy or superhero adventure movies, then type the movie in the search bar, and it will bring a lot of uploads related to that movie. Ensure you search for the right movie with the complete duration, and boom! You will find the movie you are searching for.

After you find what you are looking for, you can then begin to watch it on Facebook.

That is pretty much how you watch Facebook movies.

I hope this article on how to watch full movies on Facebook helps.

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