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Hello, Facebook users! It is not uncommon for people to want to keep their friend lists private on Facebook.

However, it is important to be aware that there may be tools or methods available that could potentially expose your friend list to others, even if you have it set to private. Read on to learn more…

The majority of you have your friends lists set to private. However, this is inadequate. A new Chrome extension that claims to expose your friends, or even those who aren’t your friends, with a concealed friend list was released a week ago.

I tried this tool personally, and the “Only Me” option for keeping your friends list concealed from the rest of the world is no longer functional.

The issue stems from the concept of Facebook’s mutual-friends feature, which has been the subject of debate in the past, creating privacy issues.


How does the Facebook Friend Mapper Chrome browser plugin work?

The Facebook Friends Mapper add-on disables Facebook’s Hide Friends feature, allowing you to see the details of your hidden friends. Let’s say a Facebook friend of yours does not share his or her friends list with you, but you have some mutual friends.

“For instance, if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not share his friends list with the public, and I am not on his list of friends. Yet, he and I share at least one mutual friend. So, by utilizing the mutual friends’ functionality of the Facebook Friends Mapper tool, I would be able to see the majority of his hidden Facebook friends.

How do I get a Facebook Mapper Google Chrome Extension?

Downloading a Facebook friend mapper Apk is simple and quick (Latest Version). I can only show you if you follow the instructions below. The procedures are as follows:

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What is the Facebook Friends Mapper Extension and how can I use it?

Now that you know what the Facebook Friend Mapper is all about, the big question would be whether you know how to operate it. I’m guessing you don’t understand how to do it.

I’ll give you some ideas on how to go about it. Here are the steps involved in using the Facebook Friend Mapper. The steps are as follows:

Other Ways to View hidden Friend List

  1. Check mutual friends: If you are friends with someone who is also friends with the person whose hidden friend list you want to view, you may be able to see the list by going to your mutual friend’s profile and looking for the person in their friend list.
  2. Use a Facebook friend list viewer tool: There are various tools available online that claim to allow you to view someone’s hidden friend list. However, it is important to note that these tools may not always work and may even be a form of scam. Use caution when using such tools and be aware that Facebook’s terms of service prohibit the use of such tools.
  3. Use the Facebook Graph Search: The Facebook Graph Search is a tool that allows you to search for specific people, places, or things on Facebook. You can use it to search for friends of a specific person by entering a query such as “Friends of [person’s name].” This may not always work as the person may have their friend list hidden from the Graph Search as well.

What is the best way to hide my Facebook friends on a laptop?

With the incidence of cybercrime and inpers0nation, concealing your Facebook may be one of the smartest measures to undertake. You can hide your Facebook contacts from the Facebook website if you follow the procedures I’ll show you.

Here’s how to hide your Facebook friends list. The steps are as follows:

Please log in to your Facebook account.

How do I use my smartphone to hide my Facebook friends?

To hide your Facebook contacts on your Facebook platform, follow these steps: The steps to hide your friend on Facebook are listed below. The steps are as follows:

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Friends List on Facebook?

If a Facebook user has chosen to keep their friends list private, you will not be able to see their list of friends. This is because they have adjusted their privacy settings to prevent others from viewing their friends list. You may still be able to see some of the user’s friends, depending on the privacy settings of those friends and the visibility of their profiles. However, you will not be able to see that user’s complete list of friends.

That’s all.


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