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The “purple dot” on Facebook Dating is a super swipe feature, similar to Tinder. You can use it to express your feelings for someone. To use it, go to your Facebook Dating profile’s search or discovery mode and tap the purple dot option to super-swipe a potential match.

Many Facebook users agree that the dating feature is an essential part of the social network’s functionality. Facebook dating is a platform that assists users in finding long-term partnerships.

Although Facebook’s dating platform is fantastic, many of its users have not yet figured out all of its notifications. On the Facebook dating app, you may have noticed a purple dot. This article will provide you with the answer.

Facebook Dating is among the most renowned dating sites in the world, and it is more than simply a dating website. This article will explain everything you need to know about the Facebook Dating Feature as well as provide additional information that you may find valuable.

What Does Facebook Dating’s Purple Dot Mean?

If you’re one of the people who want to know what it means, you’ll find the answer below. This is important because each notification has its own significance. Moreover, many people have been searching for the meaning of this purple dot notification for quite some time.

This sign should not cause you any concern because it is safe. Fortunately for you, the meaning will be revealed in this article.

It’s worth noting that on Facebook Dating, the Purple Dot denotes “Super Swipe.”

By tapping the purple dot, you can super-swipe a possible match in search or discovery mode. When you super-swipe on someone’s profile, you’ll appear at the top of their daily match, indicating that you’d like to hook up. They will also receive an email notification once it has been activated.

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What You Should Know About Facebook’s Dating Feature

As previously stated, we will go over the Facebook Dating Feature in greater detail. Facebook is presently probably one of the best and widely used social networking platforms, with numerous features. Using Facebook’s Dating Feature, people can form meaningful relationships.

It means that you can meet new friends by setting up a dating profile. You can send texts and likes to people you’re interested in using this platform. Once the other person sends a like to you in return, you’ll be a match and can begin interacting on the dating platform. Facebook Dating is not the same as having a Facebook profile.

You must also be eighteen years old and live in an eligible region to use the Facebook dating platform. Please be aware that Facebook Dating is completely free and you’ll never be charged for using it. The service was launched by Facebook administrators in late 2017.

As long as you satisfy the criteria, this functionality is incredibly simple to use. That is, you should be at minimum eighteen years old and reside in one of its authorized regions. All you have to do is to register for a new account once you’ve met these conditions.

Can you tell me how to update my Facebook Dating preferences?

You can update your preferences to match quality at any point. You can specify your ideal match’s age, gender, location, and much more.

To update your dating preferences, follow these steps:

Select Menu, then Dating from within the Facebook app.

In the upper corner, select settings.

Below Ideal Match, click on the category you would like to update, then make your changes.

Tap Save in the upper right corner.

How do I toggle off friends of friends as suggested matches on Facebook Dating?

You can update your Dating Privacy Settings to prevent friends of friends from being suggested matches. Unless you toggle it off, friends of friends will be suggested as matches.

To disable Suggest friends of friends, do the following:

To get started, visit your Facebook app, select Menu, then Dating.

Setup can be found in the upper right corner.

Select General.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Privacy Settings.

use the “switch next” button to suggest friends of friends

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