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Facebook Templates were launched around 2016. If you are just encountering it for the first time through this article, then it will be best if you start using it. It is especially helpful for Facebook page owners to showcase information to their customers and prospective customers in a creative way.

The Facebook template is exceedingly great for providing values to customers. It is a very creative tool to use. The good thing is that it is easy to access varieties of Facebook templates and it is even simple to create your desired templates.

If you plan to use Facebook templates for the first time, then it’d be wise to use the standard templates, but lots of other design of templates are available for use. The standard template, however, is a smart choice because it looks nice for many businesses.

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Using Facebook Template

Have you seen the right template for your business and the one that suits your need? If that is correct, then what is the next step. Layout. The instructions below will guide you on how to go about that.

  • Head on your facebook page and navigate to settings.
  • Click on ‘edit’
  • You will see your page template and you can also edit it.
  • The edit option lists out all the templates on Facebook. There will be a Template with the Recommended Facebook will tag “recommended” to any template it feels is best for your page, well this doesn’t imply you have to use it.
  • Browse for the template you want then click on view details then apply.
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When you done with getting your Facebook templates, go and find out if the template is what you like.

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How to Change Facebook Template on your Page

The facebook template of any page has a lot of tabs and buttons, most of which are in default settings. This will help you choose the right format or layout of page that is appropriate or well-suited for your business.

Feel free to make the necessary changes to your page whenever it suit you. The following instruction below will guide you on how to make edit to your Facebook template.

  1. Firstly, log on to your Facebook account and navigate to pages.
  2. Click on the page you want to change its template then click on …more.
  3. Click on Edit Page.
  4. Right next to the template in use, click on the Edit button beside it.
  5. Navigate to the template you would like to use and click on Vieo w More.
  6. Click on Apply Template to finalize and save changes made.

Ensure you make the necessary reviews on your tabs and buttons to suit the templates you intend to use, then do the final crosscheck on your changes. If your satisfied with it, click the finalise the changes you have made.


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