How to Use Instagram Login with Facebook (2024 Update)

How to Use Instagram Login with Facebook: Facebook has made it easy to log in to your Instagram account through its platform. To learn how to do this, this post will show you how you can easily log in to your Instagram account using your Facebook profile information.

How to Use Instagram Login with Facebook

How to Login to Instagram with Facebook

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Login with Facebook” Link as shown in the image below.

login instagram via facebook

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve overheard your friends discussing the possibility of doing this, but you don’t know how to go about it. That is why this article is relevant to you.

It is no longer news that Facebook (now Meta) has acquired Instagram.

Because of this monumental acquisition, Facebook and Instagram have become one and the same thing, not in terms of being a single program, but having the same database, which means new possibilities that did not previously exist.

The good news I want to bring to you today is that you can now log into your Instagram account with your Facebook details.

One may ask why I really need to log into my Instagram account with my Facebook details when I already have my Instagram login details.

Sure, the question is not out of place. However, a couple of reasons could account for why a person may need to do this.

Among them is the fact that you can easily forget your Instagram login details at the point you want to log into your Instagram account.

At that point, using your Facebook details to gain access to your Instagram account becomes not only pertinent but also fun.

Hence, having known about these possibilities, I‚Äôm sure you can’t wait to explore this possibility, right? If you are desirous of knowing how to go about this, then read on.

How To Log Into Instagram Through Facebook

The internet is all about connectivity. And with this, we now see the option to log into different websites with other popular websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google account, etc. This is not much different from a Facebook login to Instagram.

To log in to your Instagram account via Facebook, simply follow our step-by-step guide below.

  • On your phone, simply open your Instagram app or open your browser and search for to access the Instagram login page.
  • Once you reach the login page, the option to log in will be visible. It will automatically redirect you to your Instagram profile without asking you to fill in any other details. This happens if you are logged into your Facebook account. This is what a lot of Facebook users do.
  • If you are not logged into your Facebook account before you log into your Instagram, you will be redirected to another window to fill in your Facebook login details.
  • As soon as you fill in your Facebook login details accurately and click on the login button in that window, you will be automatically redirected to your Instagram account.

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This method is used when people do not remember or misplace their Instagram login details. Once in a while, we misplace our login details, and if that happens to you with Instagram, you can always do a Facebook login.

It is exceedingly easy to do an Instagram login with Facebook. Our readers have commented on how stress-free and less strenuous it is.

This article has now enlightened you on how to make an Instagram login with Facebook, a very easy way of logging on to Instagram.

How to unlink your Instagram from Facebook

You may ask, ‘How do I disconnect or unlink my Instagram account from my Facebook? In spite of the benefits of Instagram logins with Facebook, some folks may not see the need to link or connect to the two social media channels.

Whether you plan to deactivate your Facebook account or you just want your accounts on Facebook and Instagram to be separated, we will show you how to do that.

Ensure you follow the steps we outlined above and click on ‘unlink account‘; you will find it under the ‘linked accounts‘ settings. You will also have to wipe out all your Instagram posts on Facebook because your Instagram posts still have your Facebook details.

Why should you connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page?

These are the main advantages of connecting your Instagram account to a Facebook page.

1. Boost customer loyalty

Don’t underestimate the value of giving clients a pleasant online experience. By linking your accounts, your followers will know they’re working with the same company, and you’ll be able to provide smooth interactions.

2. Quicker response to messages

You can handle all of your messages in one location if you link your Instagram and Facebook accounts. This makes maintaining a speedy response time much easier, and provides you with more accessibility to more inbox capabilities, such as customer tags and message filters.

3. Better Analysis

You can analyze demographics, post statistics, and more with Instagram and Facebook links. Examine where your organic initiatives are succeeding or where it makes the most sense to spend money on promotions.

4. Run better ads

To run advertising in certain areas, you’ll need to connect a Facebook page. Even if it isn’t required, linking accounts allows you to run advertisements on both networks and pay for them in one location.

Share Instagram posts to the right Facebook page

Once you’ve linked your accounts, double-check that Instagram is sharing posts to the correct Facebook page! You don’t want your business posts to appear on your personal profile, upsetting all of your friends.

Tap Story and Post Sharing in the Accounts Centre. Check out what page or profile is displayed under Share beneath your Instagram profile. That’s fantastic if it’s the correct page! If it’s the wrong one, just tap the right arrow and choose the correct page from the list.

If it doesn’t appear, make sure the Facebook account you’ve linked is the same one you use to manage your Facebook profile. This will not work if your profile does not have admin access!

If sharing Feed and Story posts to your Facebook page is a priority for you, this is also where you set the options.

Of course, you’re aware that Instagram includes a number of other tools for marketing your business, such as links, Insights, and Direct Messaging.

Fix Sharing Instagram to Facebook on Android/iPhone

  • Sign out of Instagram and Facebook before logging back in. This basic approach frequently resolves issues with specific apps. However, it can also fix issues with integration.
  • Examine the Facebook-Instagram link. Launch the Instagram app and hit the “profile button” in the lower right corner of your device.
  • Select the “hamburger icon” (3 horizontal bars).
  • Tap “Settings” from your profile.
  • Select “Accounts Center.”
  • Then, select “Accounts & Profiles.”
  • Check to see if your Facebook account is included in the list.

Alternatively, you may be prompted to sign in to Facebook in order to view the link. Verify that Facebook displays blue with the symbol next to it in the Linked Accounts list once you first view it and the name is attached to your account.

You ought to be able to log in from Instagram by tapping “Login” after tapping on Facebook.

If the preceding step doesn’t succeed, try resetting the link to confirm that your Instagram profile is properly verified and connected to Facebook.

  • To get started, go to the “Accounts Center.”
  • Select “Facebook account.”
  • Select “Remove from Accounts Center”.
  • This will connect or re-connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, allowing you to post Instagram photos on Facebook.
  • Turn your phone off and on again.
  • Re-link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How to relink your Facebook and Instagram Account

  • Go to “Settings -> Accounts center-> Accounts & profiles -> Add accounts -> Facebook,” then “Instagram profile,” then “hamburger icon,” then “Settings -> Accounts center-> Accounts & profiles -> Add accounts -> Facebook.”

If you’re still having trouble sharing from Instagram to Facebook, try deleting the cache in both applications.

How do I share Instagram posts to a Facebook Page that I manage?

To share posts from your Instagram account to your Facebook Page, you must first be an administrator of that Page on Facebook. And you may need to change your personal account to a professional account to link to a Facebook Page. That is, if the Facebook Page is managed by a Business Manager.

When you connect your Facebook Page to your personal Instagram account, your Instagram account will be converted to a professional one.
Your Instagram professional account will be made public and you will gain access to new features.

On your iPhone or Android smartphone, follow these steps to share posts from your Instagram professional account to a Facebook Page:

  • To¬†access¬†your¬†profile,¬†tap¬†your profile¬†or¬†your¬†profile¬†image¬†in¬†the¬†lower¬†right¬†corner.
  • Tap More¬†Options¬†in¬†the¬†upper¬†right¬†corner,¬†then¬†Settings.
  • Tap Account,¬†then click¬†on¬†Share¬†with¬†other¬†apps.
  • Choose Facebook.¬†
  • Enter your¬†Facebook¬†login¬†credentials¬†if¬†you¬†haven’t¬†already.
  • Your Instagram¬†account¬†will¬†be¬†shared¬†with your¬†personal¬†Facebook¬†profile¬†by¬†default.


Why is Facebook showing my Instagram account?

The reason for your Instagram social links appearing on your Facebook profile you see is that you must have linked your Instagram account to your Facebook account through your Facebook settings.

What do I do if I can’t log into my Instagram?

  • You can make changes to your password or email yourself a password reset code.
  • Enable two-factor authentication to bolster your security.
  • Validate that your phone number and email address in your account settings are authentic.
  • Access the Accounts Center and get rid of any linked accounts you can’t identify.

Why can’t I log into Instagram through Facebook?

  1. Ensure you have properly linked your Instagram through Facebook.
  2. Another reason might be that you have made changes to your password or username. If this is the case, update your Facebook login details before signing in.



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