How to see who viewed my Pinterest profile?

Can I see who viewed my Pinterest profile?

Ever wish you could tell precisely who was checking your Pinterest profile? Pinterest is a picture-based search platform that provides you with a unique research experience and is distinct from Google for that reason.

For Pinterest photos, the most significant items that attract the audience first to your Pinterest account and next to your webpage are the headlines and visual experience.

But then there’s the question of whether you can see who has accessed your Pinterest profile. Is it possible or not? Read on to discover all of the options you have for your Pinterest account. Who is checking out my Pinterest profile?

Is it possible to tell who has visited my Pinterest profile?

The answer to the question is NO; you cannot. There is no feature on your Pinterest profile that allows you to check or trace the identities of your visitors. If there had been such a feature, it’d have been called “The people who viewed my profile.” Agree with me?

However, there is a feature for you to find out who has repinned your pins. In other words, it tells us who stored the pin and which board it was saved on. The only condition for using this feature is to have your Pinterest account validated. Without a relationship between your site and your Pinterest profile, it would be hard to access this data.

The benefit of learning about your audience is that you are able to access other helpful info about them from within your Pinterest account.

You can check some people’s profiles when you look for who repinned your pins; you will the particular boards they have and their following list on Pinterest. Learn more about the preferences of your audience in this manner. Maybe you’ll have an idea for a new board that your audience would like.

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Where can I access my repinned Pins?

Who has seen my Pinterest profile? You must carry out a simple act to figure out this important data. All you need to type is the following.


Once you select the Enter button, you’ll be shown a complete list of repinned pins.

You can now view details as to who has repinned your pin and where they pinned those pins inside the mentioned pins. Using this technique, you can better understand the people who enjoy your content and have it saved to their boards.

What about information about my audience?

There is yet another method for you to get to access and gain more in-depth data about your audience. Simply check out AUDIENCE INSIGHTS in your Analytics.

To use this option, you must have a Pinterest business profile.

There, all the info about the users who viewed your profile can be accessed. For instance, you can learn about them:

Are There Any Third-Party Tools That Can Monitor Your Pinterest Visitors?

Note: Using 3rd-party tools can jeopardize your sensitive data.

Even though there are lots of 3rd party tools out there that claim to help you track your Pinterest visitors and give you data about your monthly views, we advise you to desist from using them.

If you decide to use any third-party tools, be sure to pick one that has positive ratings and reviews. So always remember to properly research anything like this before using it!


Despite the lack of features inside a Pinterest account to clearly see if anyone has accessed your Pinterest profile, if you check your analytics, you can also get information about your audience and gain insight. You can research to learn more about your audience’s background, age group, and the types of content they usually read, save, and pin to boards.

Even if you can’t check if anyone has visited your Pinterest profile, using the simple URL steps outlined above, you can access valuable info about the audience who enjoys your content, your pins and your boards.

When we analyze who has viewed our profile, we realize that it is not really important to have such information. The reason for this information will not be valuable to our profile.

On the other hand, the data we gather from our audience analytics (age, location, preferences…) might be helpful to us in getting to know them and understanding their desires better.

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