Dating Facebook App Is Free: Facebook Dating App Review | Dating On Facebook


Ever heard of Facebook dating app? Yes! Facebook just launched its very own dating feature.

Did you know the Facebook dating app is free? Here is even better information. The Facebook dating app can be accessed by Facebook users for as long as they want. All that’s needed of them is to make sure they have a registered account.

In this article, I will be sharing with you all you need to know about the Facebook dating app.

Dating Facebook app is free

Facebook social media platform is known for a lot of things but dating isn’t one. Although, it has recently been announced that the platform will be joining other platforms in the online community.

This establishment has not been fully operational in all regions that have access to Facebook.

Facebook account holders and non-account holders upon hearing about this new upgrade are beginning to wonder whether or not the feature is free. To answer your question, Yes, the app is free.

This gives Facebook dating an edge because most platforms aren’t free. On some dating platforms, basic services are free but as you progress to a more advanced feature, you’ll be made to subscribe to a plan to gain access.

Facebook, however, has made all services of its own dating platform free. What a way to step into a competitive sector!

If you can gain access to Facebook dating on your Facebook account then everything else is guaranteed to be without charges. This is more reason for anyone to opt for Facebook.

How to access Facebook dating

Facebook dating is a feature on the Facebook platform and not an app on its own.

The only way to access Facebook dating is through the Facebook mobile app. Have a registered account because access is granted through your account. If you are interested in signing up for Facebook dating and you don’t own an account on Facebook, you’ll need to create one first.

To do so, visit up

You can’t access Facebook dating if it’s not available in your region. There are very few regions around the world where service has been made available. You’ll need to be in that kind of location if you want to gain access.

When you are done creating a Facebook account, you can then proceed to open the Facebook dating feature. Note that the account will be separated from your main Facebook account

To set up a profile,

  • Login your Facebook account via the mobile app
  • Locate the dating icon
  • The icon is always found close by the video or group icon. The dating icon is a heart shape.
  • Or you can log on to

Messages will not be seen if the feature is yet to be made available in your region. But If made available, you’ll be allowed to create and set up your own profile.



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