How to Use Facebook Pay | Is Facebook Pay Safe


How to Use Facebook Pay | Is Facebook Pay Safe: Hi there, Facebook has added another feature called ‘Facebook pay’ to the site and, I am most delighted to tell you about_ if you are yet to hear about it.

Facebook pay as the name implies is a payment feature on the Facebook site and it is quite different from other paying apps you must have known.

How to Use Facebook Pay | Is Facebook Pay Safe

Fortunately, it is also available on some other social media platforms including Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

With Facebook Pay, you can send money to your family members, business clients if they are your friends on Facebook, friends, you can donate to fundraisers, you can even shop for goods, etc.

All it requires of you is a debit card number, and you can easily make payments from any conversation. Interesting right? Thought as much.

Due to the nature of the design of the Facebook pay app, you make payments across popular social networks and apps on Facebook.

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Facebook Pay

Report from the company has it that Facebook Pay will be separated from the new Calibra wallet and Libra network, and it’s built on the existing financial partnerships and infrastructure.

It is a new service of payment that allows users to send and receive money from the Facebook family apps of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

The Pay service is quite similar to Google Wallet, Venmo, and Apple Pay which allows users to transfer money directly from their credit cards or bank accounts.

Can I Trust Facebook Pay?

It is no doubt that people tend to be extra careful with dealings related to money but, you have nothing to worry about, the service is safe and very secure.

About one hundred and more Facebook users whose Facebook account have the Facebook pay feature have been using the feature to make payments and, the only reason for this is the security they are enjoying using the app.

The service is also accepted on the marketplace of Facebook. But the Pay has no fees and does not store money in an online account.

Although, Facebook has an existing service called Payments that worked with messenger. But the Pay service works with credit cards and will maintain a transaction history.

The service must be individually set up for each of the app. So signing up for the Pay service on Instagram will not set up the pay for WhatsApp automatically too.

Also, Pay accepts most of the credit cards that are major which includes, including Visa, MasterCard, and users can also connect with a PayPal account.

The service can trigger its own security and pushback among privacy watchdogs because of the company’s plans to make use of the transaction data of the people in its multibillion ad business.

How Does Facebook Pay Work

If you are wondering how the service works, well below are tips on how it works;

  •  Payment method is included by each individual before it is used to make payments on the Facebook apps.
  • Facebook Pay could be set up for app-by-app, or can equally be set up for use across the apps.
  • Payment history can be viewed by the user, methods of the payment can also be managed, and settings could also be updated in one place.
  • A Facebook pay app user can get support from a real customer through a live chat.

Payment With Facebook Pay

You can access the service in the settings section of your Facebook or Messenger apps. All you need do is to follow the steps below;

  • First and foremost, you have to head for the settings of the Pay app. On your Facebook website.
  • Add the payment method of your choice (it varies with people).
  • You can now make payment with the use of your Facebook Pay when net you want to make payment.

In summary, therefore, if you want to know how to use Facebook pay, you head to the settings on the app and add your payment method of choice then start your transactions.

To access the Pay service is as simple as that. Once your Facebook Pay is available on your WhatsApp and Instagram, you will be able to directly set up each app.

Trust you feel better about this new development. Do visit the comment session for any questions or contributions.

Please share how to use Facebook pay with your friends on Facebook Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


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