Facebook Account Security Setup: Facebook Six-Digit Confirmation Code Generator| Facebook Two-Step Verification


Is your Facebook account secured? Have you heard of the Facebook six-digit Confirmation Codes and Facebook Two-Step Verification?

The surest way of protecting your Facebook account is through the Facebook Code Generator, which follows the Facebook two-step verification setup.

With the Facebook six-digit confirmation code, you can successfully log in to your Facebook account from a new computer or phone via a two-step verification.

The two-step verification process that guarantees the six-digit confirmation code is a Facebook security feature that aids in the protection of your account from unauthorized access via an unfamiliar device.

A six-digit confirmation code will be required whenever you or anyone else accesses your account from an unknown device.

Facebook Six-digit Confirmation Code list Generator | Facebook Two-Step Verification

Interestingly, after successful completion of the Facebook two-step verification settings:

  • The Facebook app will provide you with the six (6) digit confirmation code upon login from an unknown device.
  • Each generated code has an expiration time of 30 to 60 seconds.
  • You can even use the code generator if you don’t have an active internet connection or if you can’t receive SMS.
  • Another feature of the code generator is that you can use it to reset passwords.

How to turn on or manage Facebook two-step verification

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Security and login settings.
  • Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit.
  • Choose the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note that when you set up two-factor authentication on Facebook, you’ll be asked to choose one of three security methods:

  1. Tapping your security key on a compatible device.
  2. Login codes from a third-party authentication app.
  3. Text message (SMS) codes from your mobile phone.

Also, once you’ve turned on two-factor authentication, you can get ten recovery login codes to use when you’re unable to use your phone.

How to use an authentication app for two-factor authentication on Facebook

When you turn on two-factor authentication, you’re asked to choose either a security key, text message (SMS) codes or a third-party authentication app as your primary security method.

You can use a third-party authentication app (such as Google Authenticator or LastPass) to generate login codes that help Facebook confirm it’s you when you log in from a new device for the first time.

To use a third-party authentication app for login codes:

  • Install a third-party authentication app on your device.
  • Installing the app on the device you normally use to access Facebook is best.
  • Go to your Security and login settings.
  • Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit. You may be asked to re-enter your password at this point.
  • Click Use Authentication App when you’re asked to choose your security method.
    Follow the on-screen instructions.

How and Where to Find Facebook Code Generator

Accessing the code generator is fast and easy. All you need is your recognized mobile device from where you frequently access your Facebook account.

The processes for generating the Facebook 6-digit code are as follows:

  • Open the Facebook App and log in to your account.
  • Click or select the “more options” tab from the drop-down menu. It is next to the “notifications” options.
  • Click on “Help & Settings” to find the Code Generator tab.
  • Select “Code Generator” from the drop-down menu, automatically generating a six-digit confirmation code for your appreciation and use.

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Effective Way to Bypass the Facebook Code Generator

Now, constructively, you can still log in to your Facebook account without a Facebook code generator.

With this effective guide, that will be a done deal:

  1. It’s possible to use a different computer or smartphone that you have not used before to access your Facebook account. Log in using your previous device. After successfully logging in, you can disable the Facebook code generator and log back in using the new device.
  2. You can also copy the Recovery code and use it to log in to another device.
  3. When you access your account using a new device, below the “Enter Login Code” window, you will find the “Didn’t receive a code?” tab. Click on it, and you will get the “Text me a login code” option.
  4. You will also receive a confirmation code via your registered mobile number.

Two-Factor Authentication Bypass

You can use the following process to bypass Facebook two-factor authentication or the Facebook six-digit confirmation code:

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  1. Enter your login details in the new device and the window that requests a login code.
  2. Below, you’ll see an option labelled “need another way of authentication?”
    A window with four other options for logging in without a security code will appear when you click that.
  3. The first option you’ll see is “Text Message.” When you click it,  Facebook will send a login code to your registered mobile phone number to enable you to log in. This is the most basic method for avoiding the 6-digit Facebook confirmation code.
  4. Another alternative is to log in using a different computer. It will send a notice to any other devices you’ve previously signed into, and you’ll need to authorize this to log in.
  5. By selecting “Skip and turn off Facebook two-factor authentication,” you can also skip or bypass the Facebook code generator.

Not Receiving Facebook Login and Two-Factor Authentification Codes?

Many users complain of not receiving text messages after picking the “text me login code” option and the inability to receive Facebook’s two-factor authentication code. The source/solution of the issue is:

  1. Verify that the registered mobile number is the same.
  2. You may have trouble accessing codes if you recently switched service providers.
  3. Would you please wait a few more hours as delivery may be delayed?

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