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Facebook Avatar – Facebook Avatar Emoji | Facebook Avatar Creator – One thing that has made many Facebook users fall in love with Facebook is that they always keep their platform updated with the latest trends and features.

facebook avatar emoji
New facebook avatar emoji

There are many great features that Facebook has released that is guaranteed to make you glued to the platform.

One of these features is the recently released Facebook avatar. For those who may not know what an Avatar is, an Avatar is like carton customization of a person.

Hence, If you are the type that has been looking for new ways and ideas to make your Facebook activity exciting, then Facebook has got you covered with the Facebook avatar.

There are many things you can do with the Facebook avatar. You can create a character that looks exactly like your self and share it across other social media sites.

Also, you can use your Facebook avatar as your profile picture, as comment stickers, etc.

That’s not all, you can send the avatar as a sticker on other social platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

Facebook Avatar Emoji

Creating an Avatar of yourself is very easy and can be done from your Facebook account with the Facebook mobile app, provided the avatar creator feature is enabled on your Facebook.

Also, to spice things up a little, you can send your own created Avatar to other Facebook users as emoji.

With your avatar as emoji, it will be very easy for people to connect with you and understand you better.

However, the Facebook avatar feature is still newly released, as such, it is not available for everyone yet.

For now, It appears as though this feature has been released for only Facebook users in the USA.

Hence, if you reside in the USA, and can’t find the feature on your Facebook account, It can simply mean that you are still using a Facebook mobile app that is not updated to the latest version.

Facebook Avatar Creator

The Facebook avatar creator feature has so many outstanding options that can help you create any avatar easily.

Some of the options available to design your own avatar are face shape, hair colour, makeup, eye shape, hairstyle, nose shape, outfit, facial hair, body shape, etc.

Creating a Facebook avatar is very easy and free.

First, ensure you have the updated Facebook mobile app on your device. Otherwise, visit your device store and update your Facebook mobile app.

Having done that, now follow the below process to access the Facebook avatar feature and get started.

  • Locate and open your Facebook app
  • If you are not logged in, enter your username and password, and log in to Facebook.
  • Now, click on the menu icon at the top right of your newsfeed.
  • Click on “Avatars
  • Click “Next
  • Then click “Get Started

That’s all on Facebook avatar emoji. You may also like Facebook Avatar Creator

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